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Parts by Number for Flange Mount Enclosure Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
78351040419-1 Carlton-Bates Company HOFFMAN Wall-Mount Enclosures Steel Flange-Mounted Disconnect Enclosure Continuous Hinge, Padlocking Handle
3PA2 PLC Radwell Microswitch Sensors & Switches, Sensor Module & Housing FLANGE MOUNT ENCLOSURE
3PA2 PLC Radwell Honeywell Microswitch Sensors & Switches, Sensor Module & Housing FLANGE MOUNT ENCLOSURE
3PA2 PLC Radwell Micro Switch Sensors & Switches, Sensor Module & Housing FLANGE MOUNT ENCLOSURE
78454960805-1 Carlton-Bates Company HONEYWELL Switch Enclosures-Guards Flange Mount Enclosure Micro Switch Basic Switch
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    ,. and/or a sloped flange trough gutter above the enclosure door opening. Welded joints and seams that have been deburred. Easily-cleanable fasteners, including slot-head quarter-turn latches. No exposed threads, or projecting screws or studs in a food or splash zone. Choosing an enclosure that is NSF
  • Medical Device Link .
    while providing access for adjustments and repairs. The company's line of rugged CBS-style shielding cans includes a 20-S surface-mount version and a versatile CBS2 dual-sided shielding enclosure. Manufacturing services and custom design are also available. Leader Tech, 14100 McCormick Dr., Tampa
  • Medical Device Link .
    Available in surface-mount or through-hole versions, compact slide switches feature double-pole capabilities in a single-pole body. The Alcoswitch units can be ordered unsealed or with an IP67-rated seal. With printed circuit board retention features and a robust actuator, the components offer
  • Designing inside the box
    welds, and loose hardware. Eliminating tab cutouts improves EMI/RFI shielding and keeps out dirt and dust. Mating screws can be inserted from each end of the fastener to mount a pair of PC boards. Open-top types support one edge of a PC board and help build mini enclosures in box corners. Enclosures
  • EMKA Swing Handles
    flanges on the top and bottom of the enclosure. Rods. with pointed (chamfered) ends which locate in holes in the frame are also used. INSIDE THE GASKET (IGL) Vs OUTSIDE THE GASKET (OGL) LATCHING. We suggest that users of multi-point systems take a look at OGL for the following. reasons: A reduction
  • Switches & Circuit Breakers: To Hermetically Seal or Not (.pdf)
    of Engineering. internal circuit boards and mechanisms. The APM Hxeseal. developed for the US Navy soon after the end of World. APM Hexseal. sealing boot features a perimeter sealing flange that com-. War II. They have since become standard military equip-. pletely surrounds the mounting-hole and vacuum seals
  • Optical Fiber Waveguides Augment C4ISR Networks
    to offer rs-232, rs-485 and ethernet. The OFW-7000 product line can be packaged as a standalone flange mount unit for integrators, outdoor enclosures, or high density 1rU rack chassis. When deployed in a 3 or 4rU chassis form factor, mPs offers complimentary switch, amplifiers, and dispersion
  • Accessorize Your Machine to Maximize Performance and Efficiency (.pdf)
    to protecting tool quality, these devices provide safer and faster tool assemblies. Look for tool assembly devices that allow convenient access for all tooling maintenance operations in one setup, greatly minimizing tool setup time associated with the assembly and disassembly of tapered V-flange tooling