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  • Linear Bushings: Differentiating Uses for Straight and Flanged Types
    bushing will increase the housing diameter and length, but the flanged linear bushing is compact since the bushing and an outer cylinder are integrated into one structure. A compact design is possible while retaining load bearing capacity. (2) Usage Differentiation of Straight Type and Flanged Type
  • A Comprehensive Engineers' Reference Source for Radial Ball Bearings and Thrust Ball Bearings
    Ball Bearings. Standard Straight Shielded Ball Bearings. Flanged Open Ball Bearings. Flanged Shielded Ball Bearings. Extended Inner Ring Open Ball Bearings. Flanged Extended Inner Rings Open Ball Bearings. Extended Inner Ring Shielded Ball Bearings. Flanged Extended Inner Ring Shielded Ball
  • Cylindrical Bearings
    rollers. Both techniques require precise engineering to eliminate loading without introducing other problems. bearings have either a separable outer ring or separable inner ring and allow considerable axial movement of the shaft. They must be used with an axially locating bearing such as a ball
  • Bearings take the heat
    and oil lubricants aren't an option. Graphite-metal alloy bearings, in contrast, can operate dry for over 50 hr in some cases until fluid is reintroduced. Agrease-filled ball bearing on an oven-door latch seizes and keeps the door from latching. It turns out the +550 F oven temperatures over time
  • Low Cost Automation Tutorial: Bearing Mounting/Retaining Method
    A bearing (rolling ball bearing type) needs to be retained in three directions, radial, axial, and circumferential in relation to it's housing and a shaft. The radial and circumferential direction retention is mainly based on a concern on fit tolerance selection... Low Cost Automation Tutorial
  • "Space-Age" Surface Enhancement Coatings Fight Environmental Attacks On Oil & Gas Equipment
    flanged riser extension sections in place next to the legs; cut the legs; weld flanges to the legs; make the lift; install/weld on the riser extension pieces.For the cutting, torch cutting was ruled out as too risky and costly. Instead the engineers cold-cut the legs. Keys to that operation were
  • The Basics of Roller Chain Sprockets
    in applications where the drive chain may be reversed in direction and the idler sprocket is mounted to the outside of the chain to prevent whipping. See Fig. 11 for an illustration of a ball-bearing idler sprocket and bronze bushing. ROI from sprocket inspection. Applying new chain to worn sprockets