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  • Ceramic Drying
    Drying is a critical stage in ceramic manufacture, according to ceramic experts. The drying process sometimes places more stress on the ceramic pieces than during firing because the drying needs to be done slowly, to prevent warping and cracking of the green body pieces. Yet, ceramic manufacturing
  • Timber Drying
    where the. wood is used. The first and. most important treatment is. the drying process. ./9594026f-4b98-4fe6-acf4-14c1778480be Application note: N°F010. January 2012. Timber drying. Facts & figures: Timber drying in general. One cubic metre of freshly. felled oak contains. temperature
  • Flash Dryers
    Flash dryers offer an effective method of removing surface or unbound moisture from a feed product. The technology behind flash drying employs a low residence time within the actual dryer; thus, the unbound moisture is "flashed" off the feed. Flash, pneumatic, ring dryers, flash tube, or cyclone
  • Case Study: Drying Color Stain on Wood Panels (.pdf)
    . Fast drying of Colour-Stain on Wooden Panels. Medium wave infrared emitters for wood industry. Saunderson's Furniture Ltd, has installed an infrared dryer to assist in the colour staining and lacquering of wooden panels. used in the manufacture of its wide range of high quality furniture
  • Cleaning And Maintenance Of Arc Flash Clothing
    processing costs and over drying can occur. The result of over drying your PPE investment can lead to shrinkage of the material and faster wearing out and deteriation of the garments. Correct care of your arc flash clothing in day to day use is also quite important for the life of the garments
  • Improving Process Operations with a Rotary Pressure Filter (.pdf)
    . mechanical scraper. In some cases,. conducted up to a maximum dif-. the cake to dry it. The control of. gas jet nozzles can be used for. ferential pressure of 6 bar. When a. this drying step is influenced by. maximum discharge with sticky. process solvent is prone to flash-. gas flow, pressure
  • Sugar Industry Application Note
    changes sig-nificantly, the product can be destroyed as it clumps or even turns liquid. During the process of evaporation, crystallisation, drying and cooling tempera-ture and humidity play a huge role. ./80b523f0-6457-40ad-a2ad-c566bc24c236 Application note: N°F022. January 2013. Sugar
  • Basics of Infrared (Slideshow)
    Technology. Standard Sizes. Special Designs. Accessories. IR Systems. Infrared Heating Solutions. Modular Systems. Custom Systems. Power Control Systems. Accessories. Applications. Introduction. Heating... Curing... Drying... Activating Adhesives. Ultrapure Water. Vacuum. Industries. Introduction

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