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  • Battery Fuel Measurement Using Delta-Sigma ADC Devices
    AN1156 Battery Fuel Measurement Using Delta-Sigma ADC Devices Today's integrated battery fuel gauging devices include Author: Youbok Lee, Ph.D. both the ADC and the control logic circuits. The feature Microchip Technology Inc. sets for these devices are still evolving to meet general application
  • Guided Wave Radar at Genentech: A Novel Technique for Non-invasive Volume Measurement in Disposable Bioprocess Bags
    By Bryan Bean, Tim Matthews, Neria Daniel, Steve Ward, Brad Wolk, Genentech, Inc. The volume measured by GWR was comparable to the water fill studies for all 11 runs (Table 2 and Figure 7). The difference between floor-scale and GWR measurements varied from 0L to 12 L and the maximum deviation
  • NRL Arch Reflectivity Measurement
    as the reduction in reflected power caused by the introduction of an absorbent material. This reduction in power is compared to a 'perfect' reflection which is approximated very well by the reflection off a flat metallic plate.
    This procedure may be used to measure the dry film thickness of coatings applied to reasonably flat substrates, which cannot be measured accurately with an electronic gauge. This method is particularly well suited to measurements on plastic or glass sheets or plates, but may also be used on metals
  • Technology Developments Take CCD Imaging Colorimetry Out of the Lab and Onto the Factory Floor
    Manufacturers of flat panel displays, illuminated keyboards, and LED lighting products need accurate, repeatable, and easy-to-use light and color measurement solutions to ensure product quality, generate data, and improve efficiencies on the production line. In today's marketplace, where margins
  • M515: Techniques to Achieve High Isolation with GaAs MMIC Switch Chips
    shown for the MASW6010G* chip in the catalog were obtained using coplanar RF probes directly on the chip Because this is a coplanar probe configuration (which also includes the ground plane), there is virtually no ground inductance in the measurement. Thus, the isolation obtained in the data sheet
  • Medical Device Link .
    X-Ray System Inspects a Range of Medical Devices and Components A high-resolution microfocus x-ray inspection system is available from a supplier of scopes, x-ray systems, magnifiers, and video measurement systems. Applications for the system include inspection of overmolded electrical connectors
  • Tightening Bolted Joints with Torque Tools
    determination of the tightening torque can be established by measurement of bolt extension, strain gauges or by the use of a load cell embedded in the joint. Specify a Tightening Sequence: The majority of joints consist of more than one bolt and bring together surfaces that are not completely flat
  • Semicon West --Business is back
    to running flat out, in the space of just 12 months. If the expanding book-to-bill ratio is any indication, the more than 1,500 companies showcasing their latest products and services at this year's event should be happy and will have a lot to talk about. Keynoting Semicon is Intel Director
  • Product Technology News
    transparent to the UVA region of 325 to 400 nm. The power supply is either 110 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz. The ORion NV6072 flat-panel display ion implanter allows manufacturers to use polysilicon thin-film transistor processes to produce active-matrix liquid-crystal displays at low cost. Low-temperature
  • MICRO:April 98:Product Technology News
    The VCA-4100 surface analysis system for flat-panel displays accommodates panels 3/4650 x 550 mm. The system helps operators obtain timely and accurate information in order to detect defects early in the process. It can be used to determine the cleanliness of glass panels before processing

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