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  • Base Flatness Measurement (.pdf)
    to measure the base. in another way before installing the motor?. I believe that on heavy motors with light weight casings, the foot will not spring up when. measuring a small amount of twist. If it doesn’t spring up it is natural to assume that. nothing is wrong so no other action is taken. I also
  • Measuring Small: Measuring Tape and Track Width (Published in Computer Technology Review)
    to 1 micron region. Application Notes: Non-contact Measurement Sensors, Solutions and Systems - MTI Instruments.   . Measuring Small. Gary Collins, P.E., Collins Consulting. Published in Computer Technology Review, Vol. XXV Number 3, 2005, pages 36-38. How do you measure movement as small as 1/100th
  • Measuring Tire Tread Depth and Runout
    Measurement, Tire Runout Blistering and Eveness Measurements, Precision Laser Sensor Measuring in a Manufacturing Production Environment
  • Thickness, Shape and Flatness Measurement of Semiconductor Wafers
    surface reference plane established by three points equally spaced on a circle with a diameter a specified amount less than the nominal diameter of the wafer. Median Surface: The locus of points in the wafer equidistant between the front and back surfaces. When measuring and calculating bow
  • Measuring Machining Imperfections and Runout in Automobile Wheel Spindles
    unnecessary parts rejection and scrap. Application Notes: Non-contact Measurement Sensors, Solutions and Systems - MTI Instruments.   . Measuring Machining Imperfections and Runout in Automobile Wheel Spindles. Introduction. A cylindrical grinding process finishes most wheel spindle surfaces
  • Improved Interferometric Optical Testing
    that are broadening the applications of interferometric metrology: a new technique for reducing the sensitivity of interferometry to vibration; an interferometric method for measuring deformations and vibrations of diffuse surfaces; and a method for reducing the sensitivity to vibration and coherent
  • Solar Industry Processes and Laser Displacement Sensors (.pdf)
    a measurement anywhere in the measuring range of the sensor, how much. error there can be. This number is the total error, including the error caused by the sensor (linearity), caused by. temperature fluctuations, sensor mounting errors, etc. By understanding and limiting these sources of error, more
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes and Laser Displacement Sensors (.pdf)
    measurements on a target (sampling rate). The. advantage of high speed is the more measurement samples the sensor makes on a target, the more averaging of these. measurements can occur, giving a more stable reading. Accuracy can be thought of as if you take a measurement anywhere in the measuring range
  • Medical Device Link .
    A company has introduced what it claims is the world 's smallest commercially available stainless-steel ball screw. Featuring a diameter measuring only 3 mm, the product comes in a choice of 1- or 0.5-mm pitch. The supplier also offers a range of miniature stainless-steel screws with diameters
  • Direct Drive Bourdon Basics
    Named for its inventor, Eugene Bourdon, the Bourdon tube is a curved, flattened piece of. tubing, closed at one end, which tends to straighten when a pressure is applied to its open end. It is. used in pressure measuring devices with a gear/lever mechanism to magnify its small movement to a. larger

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