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  • Drilling Rigs-Image
    Drilling Rigs - (158 companies)
    ...pipes and drill collars. Typically, these trailer-mounted systems are designed to lift pipes from a horizontal position and bring them into alignment with a tilting top-head. Features include hands-free operation, adjustable pipe racks... Learn More
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    Drill Collars - (57 companies) minimalizes differential sticking to the well bore. Non-magnetic drill collars are manufactured from a nickel copper alloy or other nonmagnetic premium alloy and are used to isolate measurement while drilling (MWD) and logging while drilling... Learn More
  • Shaft Collars-Image
    Shaft Collars - (151 companies)
    ...from non-metallic materials such as nylon are also available. Generally, these products are used for washdown applications such as food processing. There are several basic shaft collar designs: Setscrew collars are suitable for simple shaft positioning... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Drilling and Tapping Machines-Image
    Drilling and Tapping Machines - (539 companies)
    Drilling machines and tapping machines are used to drill or thread holes in a surface. Drilling machines and tapping machines vary from the tiny bench machine used in the finest jeweler 's operation to the huge, heavy-duty machines that bore large... Learn More
  • Drilling and Tapping End Effectors-Image
    Drilling and Tapping End Effectors - (11 companies)
    Drilling and Tapping End Effectors is tooling designed to attach to the end of a robotic arm, and performs machining of holes and threads in target material. The effectors are adapted to the end of an articulating robotic arm, often via... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Earth Drilling and Boring Services - (267 companies)
    Earth drilling and boring services provide well drilling, quarry drilling and blasting, large site excavation, and related services. Earth drililng and boring services provide well drilling, quarry drilling and blasting, large site excavation... Learn More
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines (HDD) - (15 companies)
    Horizontal directional drilling machines (HDD) are steerable, trenchless drilling rigs for the installation of pipes, conduits, and cables underground in a shallow arc. They are commonly used to install pipes, conduits, and cables below waterways... Learn More
  • Substructures (drilling rig) - (18 companies)
    Substructures for drilling operatons are the foundation of a drill rig. They support the mast, derrick, and other drilling equipment. These steel structures vary depending on rig location and application. Substructures are the structural components... Learn More
  • Drilling Units and Tapping Units - (88 companies)
    Drilling units and tapping units are machine tool components for automated drilling and tapping applications. They usually consist of a drilling head, chuck or collet, motor, and in-feed cylinder or mechanism. Drilling units and tapping units... Learn More
  • Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Systems - (21 companies)
    Measurement while drilling (MWD) systems perform in-situ monitoring of the drill string and surrounding earth. MWD systems are used to perform directional drilling, horizontal drilling, and guide the drill bit through the path of least resistance... Learn More
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