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  • C-Flex Pivots Go Up In Space (.pdf)
    The NASA Wise Mission details. C-Flex bearings are included in the scanner which is a very important aspect of this mission. ./18103883-1217-42fa-accc-4842eaf8dfe9 PrESS KIt/DECEMBEr 2009. Wide-field Infrared Survey. Explorer Launch. Contents. Media Services Information
  • Standards-Based Design & Electronic Packaging Solutions
    the System. A complete standards-based packaging solution typically consists of a system chassis or electronic subrack, backplane, printed circuit boards (PCB), power supply, thermal management (such as a fan tray or assembly) and electro-mechanical hardware, such as card guides, retainers, front panels
  • 10 Tips for Product Development for Applications that Include Flex Circuits, Flexible Heaters, or Sensors (.pdf)
    participants in the supply chain have full knowledge, not just of their own roles, but of how those fit with the overall goals as well. WP_10tips.qxp 10 Tips for Product Development for Applications that Include Flex Circuits,. Flexible Heaters, or Sensors. Chris Eisenberg, Medical Business Development
  • Balancing the Electrical and Mechanical Requirements of Flexible Circuits (.pdf)
    of logic circuits get faster, the flex circuit must resist. distortion of the transmitted electromagnetic wave. Common causes of distortion include reflections. due to dissimilar impedance, cross talk from adjacent conductors, and noise from nearby circuits. 4. High component density - Electronic
  • Medical Device Link .
    Flexible circuits, key components in many medical devices, are subject to increasingly minute dimensions. Although many advances have been made in some aspects of flex circuit technology, until recently, there has been little progress in reducing the minimum conductive trace width and pitch
  • Medical Device Link .
    Metrigraphics Precision Components (Wilmington, MA) uses coating techniques to make tiny multilayer flexible circuits for medical devices that are inserted or implanted in the body. Standard flex circuits usually have a minimum trace width of about 75 um, but Metrigraphics can make circuits
  • Medical Device Link .
    \. Magazines \. Medical Electronics Manufacturing. Flex Circuitry. Designing Compact Medical Devices with Flex Circuitry. Bendable thin circuits provide a "flexible" solution to most demands for smaller electronic packages Sonny Dorren The vice president of engineering, attending the weekly managers
  • Enhanced Imager Chip Packaging for Automotive Applications (.pdf)
    been performed. described. The package represents an evolution from. with non-functional test chips equivalent in size to 1 inch. traditional flip chip integrated circuit packages. Imager. format chips. Initial imaging results will be presented. chips are bump mounted onto flex, which in turn

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