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  • Augers-Image
    Augers - (92 companies)
    ...holes or for other woodworking purposes Agricultural augers attached to machines like tractors are also often used to bore holes for: Planting mature trees or to help with foundation work Moving grain by pushing it up through long...
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  • Bulk Handling Conveyors-Image
    Bulk Handling Conveyors - (577 companies)
    Image Credit: Metalfab, Inc. Bulk handling conveyors carry materials such as grain, coal, pellets or any other powder, granular or bulk media. Types of Bulk Handling Conveyors. There are many different types of bulk handling conveyors. Major...
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  • Agricultural and Farming Products and Equipment-Image
    Agricultural and Farming Products and Equipment - (908 companies)
    ...high. Fell out of common usage but is regaining popularity as it does not require fuel. Grain and Seed Handling Equipment. Grain aerators, heaters, and dryers: to condition grain for storage. Grain auger/conveyor: a device for bulk transfer of seed...
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  • Flexible Couplings-Image
    Flexible Couplings - (463 companies)
    Flexible couplings connect rotating members while allowing some degree of angular or parallel misalignment. Flexible couplings couple or connect rotating members such as motors and drive shafts while allowing misalignment in either angular...
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  • Industrial Conveyors-Image
    Industrial Conveyors - (2445 companies)
    ...and v-groove drag conveyors. Drag conveyors can be installed in a vertical, horizontal, or inclined position. The design of drag conveyors aids in self-clean outs and allows only negligible product degradation. Flexible screw conveyors - With flexible screw...
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    Flexible Shafts - (30 companies)
    Description. Flexible shafts provide rotary power transmission along curved or adjustable axes. They are used in a wide variety of remote control, valve actuation, and power transmission applications. Types. There are two basic types of flexible...
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    Flexible Heaters - (186 companies)
    Flexible heaters are devices that can be molded to the shape of a heated object. Flexible heaters are devices that can be molded to the shape of the heated object. Most products can be bent around a small radius, and can be bent more than once...
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    Flexible Circuits - (253 companies)
    Flexible circuits use polyimide films and other foldable substrates to meet the requirements of complex electronic manufacturing applications. They are designed to address problems of space and weight that cannot be resolved with traditional wiring...
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    Flexible Packaging - (517 companies)
    Flexible packaging conforms to the size and shape of the packaged item. Flexible packaging helps cut down on waste by only using just enough packaging material to secure the item. Flexible packaging is used in all kinds of industries, especially...
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    Diamond Powders and Superabrasive Grains - (72 companies)
    Diamond powders and superabrasive grains include extreme-hardness abrasives such as synthetic diamond, natural diamonds, and cubic boron nitride (CBN). They are used in the polishing, finishing, grinding, and cutting of ultra-hard materials. Diamond...
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  • Screw Conveyors – State of the Art
    Flexible auger —for elevating feed and grain .
  • Costilla County Biodiesel Pilot Project
    For example, rather than continuing to feed the seed cleaner by hand, Flex -flo auger systems connected the outdoor grain bins to the seed cleaner, the clean seed then dropped into another Flex-flo auger system, which delivered it to an indoor…
  • Introduction to Agricultural Engineering Technology
    Pneumatic conveyors are used to move grain and other products using air. .... Pneu- matic conveyors are more flexible than augers because the duct does not need to be in a straight line.
  • An Insight into the Grain Auger Injury Problem in Queensland, Australia
    The safety attachment for auger inlets developed by an Australian grain farmer-inventor (Anon, 1999) was given as an example of a modification of this type. .... This device incorporates a flexible plastic flighting and a small section of rubber tubing, which eliminates the…
  • Design Considerations and Operating Characteristics of an Axially-Flexible Screw Conveyer
    …agricultural engineering depart­ment at Cornell University has been studying design principles, methods of construction, and operating character­istics of a flexible screw conveyer cap­able of satisfactory moving feed and grain around corners without the need of a definite flexible joint of one type … the pneumatic conveyer with the more positive, economical and com­paratively dust-free operation of the auger conveyer.
  • Effects of Full, Abbreviated, and No Clean-Outs on Commingled Grain during Combine Harvest
    Grain was vacuumed from the floor cross- augers and then the sump as a final step. .... This was facilitated by using a smaller flexible hose on the end of the vacuum attachment to…
  • CR4 - Thread: What's the Generic Name for This Machine?
    …to temporary (or not so temporary) adapt a finished goods warehouse to store grain , woodchips, sugar or .... Other possible solutions are a pneumatic conveyor and a flexible auger screw conveyor.
  • Proposal to Standardize Head to Combine Interface
    The center bearing support is also included on the 2004 introduction of the Crary 36 foot flex head and the 540 Max- flex soybean and grain header from Claas. .... Although these headers utilize two (twenty foot) augers , split and supported in the center, the power input…
  • Author index with titles (volume 21)
    …X: B, S, P) alloys using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, x-ray induced Auger electron spectroscopy and … method interatomic potentials for GaN, InN and Ga1−xInxN 325801 D¨obrich F, Elmas M, Ferdinand A, Markmann J, Sharp M, Eckerlebe H, Kohlbrecher J, Birringer R and Michels A: Grain -boundary-induced spin disorder … of biological and semi flexible polyelectrolytes 424112 Dobrzynski L…
  • CIGR Handbook of Agricultural Engineering, Volume III Plant Production Engineering, Front Matter and Index
    boundary spreading, 266 dusty, 254 granular, 254 liquid, 256–8 powder, see fertilizer application, dusty site specific, 267 fertilizer distributors aerial, 255–6 auger , 254–5 boom, 252–5 electronics, 267–8 liquid, 256–8 … flame weeding, 271 flat attachment (wheels), 136 flexible teeth, 445 floating, 160 … ginnery, 439 gleaning machines, 441 global positioning system (GPS), 600–602 GLONASS, 600–601 good grain , 451, 452 governor…

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