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  • Fast heat for fast food
    of heating equipment in areas from fast food to plastic molding, and make practical new capabilities in airplanes and ground vehicles. The material that is stimulating such speculation is flexible expanded graphite foil, also called vermiform graphite. It is generally laminated to an outer heat-conducting
  • Laser Welding of Plastics (.pdf)
    Plastic welding using a laser source has become an alternative to conventional plastics joining technologies, such as gluing, ultrasonic, vibration or element heating technology by offering flexible seam contouring, minimal heat input and consistent weld quality. The laser source can be either Nd
  • Standard Specification for Tracer Materials
    The tracer in a steam tracing system must be as flexible as possible for ease of installation and conformance to the shape and layout of the process pipes and equipment being heated and must act as a leakproof carrier of the heating media. Whenever possible it is recommended that semi-rigid tubing
  • Hard rules for soft-touch overmolding
    . There are times when hard plastics need softer qualities. Handles and knobs, for example, are often outfitted with pliant, nonslip grips that make them comfortable to use and limit shock and vibration for the operator. Likewise flexible, form-fitting components can be added between mated parts