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Parts by Number for Flexible Light Pipe Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
7512FPR-305 National Microchip CML Innovative Technologies Inc Not Provided LIGHT PIPE FLEXIBLE
FLP5R12.0-SR Digi-Key Bivar Inc Optoelectronics ACCESS FLEXIBLE LIGHT PIPE
FLPOR12.0-G Digi-Key Bivar Inc Optoelectronics LIGHT PIPE FLEXIBLE CLEAR OVAL
1216.1001. ASAP Semiconductor MENTOR Not Provided LIGHT PIPE, FLEXIBLE; Length:150mm; Light Pipe Shape:Circular; N
FLX3 12 ASAP Semiconductor VCC Not Provided 12 FLEXIBLE LIGHT PIPE, 1, PANEL MOUNT; Length:12; Light Pipe
FLX3 06 ASAP Semiconductor VCC Not Provided 6 FLEXIBLE LIGHT PIPE, 1, PANEL MOUNT; Length:6; Light Pipe Sh
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