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  • Force Sensors for Design
    such as force sensors can play a surprisingly big role in the development of successful solutions. A patented, thin-film, flexible but accurate force sensor was developed specifically to target industry needs for a low-cost, unobtrusive, force or pressure-measurement solution. The unique technology
  • How to Drive Resistive Tactile Sensors
    from a humanoid robot. But tactile sensors have applications extending far beyond anthropomorphic robots. They typically are built on flexible circuit material so they can be thin, light, and flexible. This opens up such potential applications as, for example, sitting under a bolt head to sense
  • Medical Application Note: Sensors and Flexible Heaters in Sleep Apnea Machine Applications (.pdf)
    Sleep apnea is a repeated cessation of breathing during sleep. A main treatment option is the use of a Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) machine...
  • Computer Power User Article - Under Development
    problems. Using a net-shaped pressure-sensor array built on a plastic film with organic transistor circuits, the improved sensor matrix is bendable down to a 2mm radius and flexible to a 25% extension. This is sufficient for wrapping around human-sized fingers. The researchers also built a second
  • Medical Device Link .
    , a reference capacitor and a signal-processing chip mounted on a 65-mm flexible printed circuit board (PCB). Micromechanical sensors based on a capacitive measurement principle are well suited for use in electronic implants, because there is no electrical current flowing through the sensor itself
  • Stress-free strain gaging
    IC that performs sensor excitation, signal filtering, amplification, and temperature linearization of both offset and sensitivity. The chip's flexible approach to bridge excitation gives a substantial amount of design freedom. Many other bridge-drive configurations can be implemented besides
  • Evaluating Gas Mask Seals
    faces vary over a significant range, and there is the added complexity of facial and scalp hair. Measurement of sealing pressure of candidate designs is accomplished with paper-thin, flexible sensors that fit between the mask and skin without disrupting the fit.
  • Medical Device Link .
    smaller than that occupied by standard dispensers of the type. The system additionally features slotted side panels for mounting accessories. It can be fitted with options such as a flexible task light, a 1.7 x magnifier, a flexible syringe-barrel holder, and an ergonomically designed barrel grip

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