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  • Operating Principles of Rotating Unions
    . A flood (or external) coolant sytem (fig. 1) cannot fulfill this task effectively, instead, coolant has to be transferred through spindle and tool directly to the cutting edge (fig. 2). To get there, a rotating union is needed as a junction between spindel and coolant supply. Compared to flood coolant
  • Medical Machining with Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
    plastic part, our normal machining techniques using flood coolant were barely. adequate. Since this was a Class 2 medical component of an assembly that is to contact the. human body, an additional customer requirement was that it could not come in contact with. any chemicals. These contaminants
  • High-Speed Machining with Micro Tooling (.pdf)
    of ethanol makes it an extremely efficient cooling and lubricating agent for. high-speed machining operations. Plus, while conventional flood coolant is petroleum based and. needs to be properly disposed of, ethanol simply evaporates. This eliminates the costs associated. with disposal. In addition, ethanol
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the ergonomic design. A range of accessories are available, such as flood coolant, oil-mist coolant, and a tool-break detection unit. A one- and two-axis precision dividing head is another optional accessory. A selection of spindles, achieving speeds up to 160,000 rpm, are offered. Using elements
  • High-Pressure/High-Volume Delivery of Metalworking Fluids
    Metalworking fluids have typically been provided to the work zone at pressures below 100 psi (7 bar). Conventional delivery systems use this relatively low pressure to "flood" the work area with fluid. High-pressure metalworking fluid delivery systems provide pressures that range in the hundreds
  • Can Users Machine PolyLube Guide Rod Bushings to Tighter Tolerances? If Yes, How?
    where the part will be held while machining, yet not excessive to a point where the pressure distorts its natural shape. We recommend using a diamond tipped cutting insert with the part turned at 2000-3000 RPM with a .003" per revolution feed rate. It is important to flood the insert with coolant
  • Advantages of Diesel Air-Cooled Used Generators
    and navigational buoys and lighthouses or telecommunications equipment use air-cooled diesel generators. Response teams working in disaster areas typically use lightweight portable air-cooled diesel generators. Fire, flood, avalanche or earthquake areas are often times full of debris and dirt which can clog

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