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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DELTA II   MKS Instruments, Inc. Flow Meters The MKS Instruments piMFC Low PressureThermal Mass Flow Controller (piMFC Low Pressure - PFC-20) is a multi-gas, multi-range metal sealed mass flow controller designed specifically for applications where low pressure drop across the controller is critical. Applications include controlled delivery...
649A   MKS Instruments, Inc. Pressure Controllers The MKS 649 Pressure Controller is a single instrument that provides both pressure control and flowmetering. The 649 Pressure Controller replaces multiple component subassemblies, for examplepressure controllers with separate flow meters used in applications such as backsidewafer cooling systems...
MKS2259B PLC Radwell Mks Instruments Controls & Indicators, Pressure Control FLOW CONTROLLER 200SCCM
1159B00050RVS PLC Radwell Mks Instruments Sensors & Switches, Flow Transmitter CONTROLLER MASS FLOW RANGE: 50SCCM GAS: HE
913210A PLC Radwell Mks Instruments Sensors & Switches, Flow Transmitter CONTROLLER FLOWBAR NILSTAT 3210 100/120VAC 50/60HZ
1249A   MKS Instruments, Inc. Specialty Process Controllers The 1249 Control Valve Driver providesthe drive signal required to operate the MKS 148 and 248 ProportioningSolenoid Valves used for pressure or flow control. It is intended foruse with PCs, PLCs, or other controllers that provide the necessary PIDcontrol functions, but which do not have...
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  • MICRO:Industry News:World Beat (Sept. '98, p.24)
    Strengthening its presence in Southeast Asia, MKS Instruments of Andover, MA, has opened a technical and sales support office in Singapore. The MKS product line includes capacitance manometers, mass-flow controllers, and gas-flow calibration systems. The office will provide technical, sales
  • Medical Device Link . Electronic Pressure Control In Medical Tubing Extrusion
    set point signal from a computer or system controller--such as the haul-off speed controller--can provide the programmed ramps needed to follow the variations in the OD. Figure 1. Schematic of a basic pressure control system including flow measurement components. In addition to the basic EPC system
  • Dual SCR Aftertreatment for Lean NOx Reduction (.pdf)
    /N ratio of. MKS Direct Liquid Injection System. The vaporized fuel. only 3 to 6 is capable of easily achieving up to 75%. is carried by a nitrogen balance gas to blend down the. conversion of NOx to N. fuel component concentration. The desired flow of fuel. 2. With H2 present, further. improvements
  • Options for Semiconductor Process Tool Temperature Control (.pdf)
    of. digital controller display not only. exchanger is shown in Figure 1. no more than 65 psi(g), pressure. of supply temperature, but also of. It is rated for a heat load of 100. reduction is necessary. Thus the. process flow rate and of resistivity. kW with a 25 gal/min facilities. need
  • Medical Device Link .
    or stainless steel and thermoplastic, in industry widths including 31¼4, 4, 41¼2, 6, 71¼2, 10, and 12 in. Conveyor choices include all plastic, all steel, and roller chain with snap-on flights in straight running or side-bow and side-flex types. mk Automation Inc., Bloomfield, CT
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    contains the LED, collimating lens, code disc, hub, and molded-in 6-pin Packard Electric connector that provides the electrical interface between the sensor and the user's controller. The code disc is insert molded into the hub. The front housing is sandwiched between the capturing spring, shaft locating