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  • Basic Principles of Silicon Detectors
    an electron from the valence to the conduction band, is incident upon the detector, the resulting accumulation of charge leads to a flow of current in an attached circuit. Since light is not the only source of energy that can excite an electron, detectors will produce some amount of current
  • Detector Tube Measurements from Pressurized Systems
    can increase the flow rate through the tube dramatically over that of the factory calibration conditions. This can cause the tube to overstate or read high, due to the reduced contact time between the target gas and the reaction layer. Some percentage of the reaction layer is missed, and the target
  • Technical Bulletin: Detector Tube Listing for Matheson-Kitagawa Toxic Gas Detector System
    them. (2) Insert the detector tube into the pump's sample inlet, with the air flow arrow pointing toward the pump. (3) Line up the red dots on the pump shaft and pump end collar, and pull the pump handle all the way out. The handle automatically locks and the pump begins to draw a 100cc sample
  • Sensor Design Key Advantage In Thermal Mass Flow Meter Performance
    Immersible thermal sensors are finding growing acceptance in the gas flow measurement field. By using two Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (PRTDs) immersed in a stream of flowing gas, modern thermal flow meters can directly measure mass flow, without the need for temperature or pressure
  • Advances in Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meter Accuracy (.pdf)
    . That led designers to adopt the use of more robust and more consistently manufactured (RTD's) Resistance Temperature Detectors. RTD-based flow sensors were quickly categorized and associated with earlier delta temperature devices and became part of the Thermal flow sensor design family.
  • Software Uses In-Road Detectors To Alleviate Traffic Jams
    road crews discover traffic jams three times faster than before, allowing them to clear accidents and restore traffic flow before many other drivers would be delayed. This technology could also provide drivers with the information they need to plan efficient routes, and even improve future road
  • Medical Device Link .
    sensitive and quantitative results from strip assays. The biochemical sensitivity of these assays is limited more by the lateral-flow strip technology than by the detection technology. Rapid improvements along several fronts --for example, in membrane properties and uniformity, magnetic-bead
  • Top 3 Reasons Industrial Process Systems Utilize Thermowells
    conditions like flow, corrosion, abrasion, temperature, pressure and turbulence.
  • Critical Leak Requirements in GC/MS, LC/MS and Analytical Instruments (.pdf)
    for chromatography consists of an injection port at one end of a metal column packed with substrate material and a detector at the other end. A carrier gas propels the sample down the column while flow meters and pressure gauges in the instrument maintain a constant flow.

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