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  • Assured Automations Announces New VAX Valve - Cycle Life Extended By as Much as Ten Times Conventional Valves
    E & P Actuators Control Boxes - Flow Meter Links - Flow Meter Selection Chart A1 - Commercial G2 - Industrial TM - Light Duty PVC WM - Residential Submeter WM2 - Bronze Water Meter WM-P - Plastic Water Meter WM-LF - Lead-Free Water Submeter Water - Water Meter Fuel - Fuel Meter LM - Lube-Oil Meter. Home
  • Flow Valves
    " system. are simple valves that meter flow by restricting or throttling. The amount of flow that passes through an orifice and the pressure drop across it are directly related. As pressure increases, valve flow increases. Common noncompensated valves are adjustable needle valves; flow through them
  • Transitional Flow Effects on Flow Meter Measuring Accuracy (.pdf)
    caused by limited straight-run, upstream pipe. geometry changes (e.g. damper positioning) and load changes. These unpredictable flow profile variations are neutralized as they. pass through the Vortab flow conditioner to present a consistent,. predictable outlet flow profile to the flow meter
  • Improving Control: The Issues of Final Control Element Actuation
    control loop for example. The overall process dynamics and gain not only include the flow response itself --as determined by the flowing medium, the pressure, the temperature, volume, etc --but also the response dynamics of the actuator, the valve, the primary element, and the transmitter
  • Promag Electromagnetic Flow Meter Controls Pasteurizer Flow
    +Hauser. In place of the positive displacement timing pump the. handling cleaning temperatures of up to 300°F. It is also. Promag 33H and associated control valve monitors and. available with a remote transmitter option for optimum. controls the flow rate through the holding tube. In. functionality
  • Applications of physical models for control
    out the real variation of these signals could be seen (figure 7) and the valves fixed. There was also a three level cascade control loop in the wet end of the machine in combination with bad flow and consistency measurements. Three level cascade control loops are nearly impossible to tune, when
  • Motion Control Drives Infusion Pump
    valves on opposite ends causing unidirectional flow as the tubes are compressed. The fork on the underside of the yoke straddles a rotating eccentric cam that forces it to rock back and forth. As it does, a ridge on top of each side compresses the tube of the cartridge above it. The action expels
  • Medical Device Link . Injection-Molded Polyester Medical Devices: Preventing Failure through the Proper Design of Parts and Molds
    from the cooled portion of the mold. For hot-drop gate cooling, separate cooling loops with individual flow and temperature controls are advisable. The additional control is very useful in debugging and optimizing gate appearance and performance. If possible, a water-jacketed insert should be used

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