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  • Flow Measurement, 2nd Edition
    , critical flowmeters, statistics for measurement, laboratory primary standards, and uncertainty in flow measurement. Emphasis is placed on the importance of accuracy in measurements and ways of ensuring accuracy and avoiding equipment damage through correct forecast of operating conditions, flowmeter
  • Transitional Flow Effects on Flow Meter Measuring Accuracy (.pdf)
    to the flow meter that results in accurate and repeatable flow measurements. However, often overlooked in wide turndown flow measurement applications with Reynolds number ranges that go below 4000, are the effects of three naturally occurring "transitional" flow profile phenomena. These transitional flows
  • Challenges in Electric Power Measurement
    consumption, and to achieve marketing advantage. Precise power measurement is not as simple as one might think. The user is well advised to understand the fundamentals of analog signal conditioning. Simple measurements of power on the 50/60Hz power line may be up to 20 % in error if the Power Analyzer
  • Software Handling for Capacitive Sensing
    to determine. if a significant drop in frequency count is present. FIGURE 1: SOFTWARE FLOW. Capacitive. Initializations. Enable Interrupts. GIE = 1. Main Loop. Main Loop. Code. Discard Reading,. Interrupt. No. Restart Timers. Service. End. No. Calling. of ISR. Yes. T0IF == 1?. Peripheral’s. T0IF == 1
  • Medical Device Link . Software
    features of the software is a measurement data template that enables calibration personnel to simply enter "as-found" and "as-left" values, and let the programme do the rest. Not only does it save time, but automating the process helps to minimize data-entry errors, according to marketing manager Denise
  • Chocolate Temper Measurement
    of temper, its history and its future. Before addressing the measurement process, it may be advantageous to define the benefits of good temper and the processes used to obtain it. Chocolate Temper Measurement. Contact Us. 847-742-5542. Home. About Us. Services. Electronic Manufacturing Services. Medical
  • Measurement and Control Basics, Fourth Edition
    valuable as a concise and easy-to-read reference source on the subject. This new edition provides expanded coverage of pressure, level, flow,. temperature, analytical measurement, and process control computers. Material on the proper tuning of control loops was added to Chapter 1,. and expanded coverage
  • Quick primer on melt flow testing
    that. temperature to stabilize more quickly. make frequent measurements of the same type of material. with a known melt density. There is also a multi-weight melt flow test, which unlike stan-. dard Method A and Method B, provides more than one measure-. ment on a single charge under two or three different

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