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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
4202 Global Industrial Water Group Inc. Not Provided Hf60em High Flow 60,000 Grain Electronic Meter Initiated Softener With 1" Noryl Bypass
AS2201FM-N02-07S Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Flow Control w/Fitting;Elbow;Meter Out;1/4NPT Port;1/4-in Tube;w/Sealant;Airline
FM40L450Q (550869) Allied Electronics, Inc. AMETEK TECH AND INDUSTR PROD Not Provided Flow Meter; LCD Display in SCFM; 120VAC 50/60Hz Input; for 90-450 SCFM Flow Rate
FM40S450Q (550847) Allied Electronics, Inc. AMETEK TECH AND INDUSTR PROD Not Provided Flow Meter; Digital; 4-20mA Output; NEMA 1R Enclosure; for 90-450 SCFM Flow Rate
FM20S225Q (550843) Allied Electronics, Inc. AMETEK TECH AND INDUSTR PROD Not Provided Flow Meter; Digital; 4-20mA Output; NEMA 1R Enclosure; for 45-225 SCFM Flow Rate
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  • Flow Meters for Paints & Coatings
    ) that were in the paint that was being used. Ariel tried three (3) other Flow Meter manufactures (Flow Tech, CPI and Temco) for this application, but again, due to the high filler content in the paint, the other flow meters all failed. After reviewing the data and meeting with the customer, AW offered
  • Mass Flow Meters
    Using impact plate, measuring chute and Coriolis technologies, Schenck AccuRate manufactures a family of mass flow meters. Working with Schenck AccuRate application engineers, customers are given the ability to choose the technology, performance level and price that's best for the job. The Multicor
  • Positive Displacement Flow Meters
    Positive displacement flow meters are used to take direct measurements of liquid flow. They divide the liquid into specific increments which are moved on. The total flow is an accumulation of the measured increments, which can be counted by mechanical or electronic techniques. Positive displacement
  • True Mass Flow Meters
    True mass flow meters directly measure the mass rate of flow. They include thermal meters and Coriolis meters. Thermal meters use a heated sensing element isolated from the medium flow path. The flow stream conducts heat from the sensing element. The conducted heat is directly proportional
  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    Selecting a Flow Meter The basis of good flowmeter selection is a clear understanding of the requirements of the particular application. Therefore, time should be invested in fully evaluating the nature of the process fluid and of the overall installation. Here are some key questions which need
  • Turbine Flow Meters Will Never Be The Same
    With the advent of modern microprocessor technology and the development of advanced fluid conditioning techniques, it is safe to say that turbine flow meters will never be the same. Enhancements to turbine flow meter systems are producing a flow sensing device that is smaller, easier to install
  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters (.pdf)
    Magnetic inductive flow meters use Faraday's law of inductance to measure flow rates in electrically conductive fluids. Other technologies used to measure flow rate include paddle wheel, vortex and variable area tubes, but unlike these devices, magnetic inductive flow meters do not disrupt the flow
  • Principle of Variable Flow Meter: Flow meter (Float Type)
    The valve installed in a flow meter causes a pressure loss, generating a difference between the inlet pressure and outlet pressure. As shown on page 50, the reading of a fl oat type flow meter differs according to the applied pressure. In the lower section, this P2 is the pressure applied
  • Advanced Flow Meter Technology to the Rescue
    In flue gas treatment operations such as the one at the Kotkan Energia's power plant, liquid flow meters are used to measure the amount of circulation water. This water washes combustion (exhaust) gas and flows through the heat exchangers taking the heat from the exhaust gas. This heat is then used

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