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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
IZMS0500100 PLC Radwell Anderson Sensors & Switches, Flow Meter FLOW METER 200GPM MAX FLOW RATE
IZMS0500100 PLC Radwell Anderson Instrument Sensors & Switches, Flow Meter FLOW METER 200GPM MAX FLOW RATE

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  • Selection and Calibration of a Turbine Flow Meter (.pdf)
    Turbine flow meters have been an effective flow measurement technology for many years. Advancements in other measuring technologies in recent years have provided many options when selecting a meter for a flow measurement application. Selection and Calibration of a Turbine Flow Meter. Selection
  • Flow Meters for Paints & Coatings
    ) that were in the paint that was being used. Ariel tried three (3) other Flow Meter manufactures (Flow Tech, CPI and Temco) for this application, but again, due to the high filler content in the paint, the other flow meters all failed. After reviewing the data and meeting with the customer, AW offered
  • Mass Flow Meters
    to produce flow rate and total weight values at accuracies of +/- 0.5%. Best of all, unlike other flow meters on the market, Multicor (R)'s performance is not affected by material density, friction or in-feed drop height. Flow rates up to 10,500 cubic ft/hr. Continuous weighing, batching
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Improves Refinery Flare Gas Monitoring Accuracy
    items, led. Figure 1. GF90 Gas Mass Flow Meter. the plant’s instrumentation team to consider another option. Fluid Components International (FCI), a manufacturer of. mass flow meters, was contacted by the instrumentation team to. discuss the development of a highly intelligent flow transmitter
  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    it is less expensive. Those "inexpensive" purchases can be the most costly installations. Flow Meters. Flow Meter Home Page. Flow Meters: What is a flow meter? A flowmeter is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. Wind Tunnel. WTM-1000. • 4
  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters (.pdf)
    Magnetic inductive flow meters use Faraday's law of inductance to measure flow rates in electrically conductive fluids. Other technologies used to measure flow rate include paddle wheel, vortex and variable area tubes, but unlike these devices, magnetic inductive flow meters do not disrupt the flow
  • Advanced Flow Meter Technology to the Rescue
    In flue gas treatment operations such as the one at the Kotkan Energia's power plant, liquid flow meters are used to measure the amount of circulation water. This water washes combustion (exhaust) gas and flows through the heat exchangers taking the heat from the exhaust gas. This heat is then used
  • Flow Meters in Hydraulic Fracturing
    and to reduce well contamination. CHALLENGE. The system originally used turbine meters, but needed lower flow rates for some chemicals than the turbines could reach. As fracking operations moved into areas with cold temperatures, it was discovered that more concentrated solutions of chemicals were