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  • Flow Meters for Paints & Coatings
    ) that were in the paint that was being used. Ariel tried three (3) other Flow Meter manufactures (Flow Tech, CPI and Temco) for this application, but again, due to the high filler content in the paint, the other flow meters all failed. After reviewing the data and meeting with the customer, AW offered
  • True Mass Flow Meters
    to the mass flow rate. Typically, thermal meters are used for gas flow rates. With Coriolis true mass flow meters, fluid is passed through a small, vibrating flow tube. The resulting deflection of the flow tube is proportional to the mass flow rate of material.
  • Mass Flow Meters
    (R) mass flow meter line uses the science of particle acceleration and its resultant forces to measure flow rate and total weight at accuracies of +/- 0.5%. Space efficiency and overall reliability make Multicor (R) an ideal choice for feeding, measuring and batching applications involving
  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters (.pdf)
    Magnetic inductive flow meters use Faraday's law of inductance to measure flow rates in electrically conductive fluids. Other technologies used to measure flow rate include paddle wheel, vortex and variable area tubes, but unlike these devices, magnetic inductive flow meters do not disrupt the flow
  • Velocity Meters
    Velocity meters operate linearly with respect to the volume flow rate. Because there is no square-root relationship (as with differential pressure devices), their range ability is greater. Examples of velocity meters include turbine meters, electromagnetic meters, vortex meters, and ultrasonic
  • Differential Pressure Meters
    Differential pressure meters (DP) include orifice plates, venturi tubes, flow nozzles, cone types, Pitot tubes, target meters, elbow tap meters and rotameters. The basic operating principle of differential pressure flowmeters is that the pressure drop across the meter is proportional to the square
  • Principle of Variable Flow Meter: Rotameter ( Float Type)
    As shown in the figure, the area (float type) flow meter has a conical cylinder (tapered tube) with the upper end larger than the lower end, having a float inside. The float moves up and down according to the flow, and the reading taken when it balances indicates the flow rate.
  • Magnetic Flow Meter - New SM Series Sizes With Empty Pipe Detection
    ifm has expanded its magmeter (magnetic-inductive flow meter) product line to include the SM2001 and SM9001 magmeters with larger flow rates and the ability to detect empty pipes.
  • Designing Heat Meters Using PIC16F9XX Microcontrollers
    TB1092 Designing Heat Meters using PIC16F9XX Microcontrollers Water meters output in three forms: cubic feet, gallons Author: Rodger Richey and Ezana Haile or cubic meters. We need to calculate the mass flow Microchip Technology Inc. rate in terms of kilograms per second for use in our heat
  • Principle of Mass Flow Instruments: Measuring Unit of Flow Rate
    A mass flow meter measures the mass flow irrespective of pressure and temperature. When representing mass by the flow, it is necessary to use units such as g/min and kg/min which are different from the familiar units used for general fluid measurement. Therefore, it is common to use volume fl ow