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  • Application: Water Flow Volume Measurement Sensor (.pdf)
    of the newer refrigerators, also used in the home, are directly connected to a filtered water line. Designers have chosen MEDER's reed sensors as an inexpensive way to accurately measure the volume of water passing through these filters.
  • Pressure Sensor Application - Automation
    Pressure sensors can be placed on the bottom of a silo or tank in order to monitor how full or empty it is by measuring & monitoring the pressure while knowing the volume & liquid density. Utilizing digital display controller, PLC, computer, or data acquisition sensor, you can measure and control
  • Appliance sensors become hot stuff
    Solid-state liquid-level and flow detection are boosting the reliability of smart appliances. The prototype liquid-level sensor before encapsulation shows the placement of the individual resistive heaters, the constantan thermocouple wires, and the signal-conditioning electronics. As liquid level
  • How to Model Granular Flow
    of the hopper would complicate things beyond the capability of FE or even of multiphysics programs due to the transient load changes. In analyzing the hopper unloading, one task might be to find the velocity profile of the flow field. The movement of a fluid can be measured by sensors
  • Analog Sensor Conditioning Circuits - An Overview
    note. The applications mentioned are: Electrical Magnetic Temperature Humidity Force, Weight, Torque and Pressure Motion and Vibration Flow Fluid Level and Volume Light and Infrared (IR) Chemistry
  • Technical Article: Traditional Mass Flow Meters
    Typically traditional mass flow sensors are hot wire sensors that operate on the heat loss principle and designed for general flow applications (e.g continuous pipe flow). ATC's micro-flow sensors, like the IGLS, are used for leak testing. They are designed for leak testing, where air flows
  • Reading Pulse Output Sensors with dataTaker DT8x Data Loggers
    Users often run into applications that require data logging from sensors that provide a pulse output. Common types of these pulse output sensors include flow meters, speed sensors, electrical power meters and switches for event counting. These applications may require the measurement of a rate
  • 4 Steps to More Effective Gas Flow Calibration (.pdf)
    Flow sensor calibration requires leak free plumbing, stable flow, and precise, repeatable reference standards. But, if you use piston provers, bell provers or other variable volume devices to calibrate process flow sensors you should be aware these legacy devices have a number of limitations
  • Measuring out fluids microdrop by microdrop
    requires accurate flow measurement, small-volume pumps, and valves with no dead volume. Valves with significant dead volumes the amount of fluid trapped in the valve when there is no flow could dispense differing fluid volumes if the valve doesn't operate consistently. And fluid trapped
  • Medical Device Link .
    sensors in disposable products, of course, resolves the need for sterilisation. Until now, flow sensors have not been used in drug-delivery applications, but improved safety profiles, process monitoring functions such as detection of clogging or bubbles and electronic recording of delivered volumes

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