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  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    fluid for operation, and has no seals or bearings. Magnetic flux generated by a coil or permanent magnet align metal particles in the MR fluid parallel to the field and normal to the direction of motion. The action develops yield strength allowing the fluid to resist shear. Magnetorheological (MR
  • Bearing Wear
    very slowly. Wear occurs during start-up and slowdown when speed is too low to produce sufficient fluid pressure to support the bearing surfaces on a lubricant film. If hard debris imbeds in a babbitt or plastic bearing and protrudes above the bearing surface, the journal can wear seriously during
  • Hydrostatic Bearings
    for a given recess pressure and bearing load. The gap establishes the volume of fluid pumped through the bearing. An alternative design is to connect a fluid displacement pump (gear or vane type) directly to each pocket without flow restriction. Pressurizing pump power can be estimated from
  • Keeping Thrust Bearings Cool
    of lubricants and equipment. Excessive heat buildup is not limited to sleeve bearings; thrust bearings can also benefit from some heat-dissipation techniques we investigated. Similar to sleeve bearings, the performance of fluid film thrust bearings substantially deteriorates as operating temperatures rise
  • Bearings that bear up
    Bearing selection looks at several key design metrics including anticipated loads, lifetime and reliability, ambient conditions, vibration, and cost. This information lets you choose between one of four basic bearing types: dry, semilubricated, fluid-film, or rolling-element bearings. Dry bearings
  • Bearings take the heat
    and oil lubricants aren't an option. Graphite-metal alloy bearings, in contrast, can operate dry for over 50 hr in some cases until fluid is reintroduced. Agrease-filled ball bearing on an oven-door latch seizes and keeps the door from latching. It turns out the +550 F oven temperatures over time
  • The attraction of Ferrofluid Bearings
    Magnetic-fluid technology brings compact, low-friction, self-contained bearings capable of speeds to 30,000 rpm. University of Mining and Metallurgy Bearings in precision equipment such as computer disk-drive spindles, laser scanners/printers, and gyroscopes, need excellent stiffness and damping
  • New spin on spindle bearings
    types exist multiple variations in design and materials. A basic understanding of available options can help design engineers select the right bearing for the job. Most spindle bearing failures can be attributed to coolant or cutting fluid leaking past bearing seals. Liquid contaminants wash

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