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...are required. Hydraulic or fluid couplings are used in place of mechanical clutches where exceptionally smooth engagement is required or where it is desired to have the clutch automatically pick up a load with an increase in input speed. They are also used where constant engagement and disengagement...

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  • Vehicle gear
    A locking differential with fluid clutch is used, the locking value reaches the "Hump effect" so-called to that at large rotation speed differences and high thermal load up to 100 %.
  • Gas turbines and flight drives
    By combination-drive installations for ships of diesel-engine and powers can be transmitted gas turbine for example over fluid clutches to the propeller shaft still an intermediate gear must be arranged whereat in the gas turbine because of its high rotation �
  • Optimization of secondary aggregates
    Stands by the already considered alternatives of the electric coolant pump as well as the electromagnetically controlled coolant pump with the magnetorheological fluid coupling a further variant for disposal et al. proposed [51] by Namuduri (= MRF clutch).
  • Dubbel
    � Positive clutches Shaping of metals by casting Form-Locking to molding pressing Press moulding (interlocking) (dog clutches) positive connections positives connections molding part cast of part F�ttinger-gear Hydrodynamic of drive and torque of convertors fluid couplings fluid of couplings F�ttinger-transducer �
  • Hydrogen in automotive engineering
    Refueling occurs via a vakuumisolierte liquid hydrogen coupling that is connected first hermetically to the vehicle tank pipe.
  • Hybrid materials of Nuclein acids and organic polymers: synthesis, superstructures and applications
    Have been how in the event of the liquid phase clutch , are again different reactions for the tacking of the organic polymer to the ODN introduced.
  • Performance of small nuclear reactor primary coolant pumps under blowdown conditions. [PWR]
    Each pump is driven and controlled by an induction motor acting as a prime mover, an adjustable fluid coupling clutch , and � flywheel-ac generator combination which provides current to the pump motors.
  • A Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering
    fluid coupling ( fluid clutch , fluid drive, fluid flywheel, hydraulic clutch, hydraulic coupling, hydraulic drive, turbo coupling) A type of clutch used in motor? and marine? vehicle drive trains consisting of an impeller driven by the engine and a vaned output rotor coupled �
  • Vie path manual motor vehicle technology
    In frame of an international consortium, an user-friendly clutch for Fl�ssigwasser-sto? was developed [300] that �

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