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  • Supplier: M+P Labs

    Description: The M&P Lab is a full-service materials testing laboratory, offering our clients a full range of analytical and consulting services such as acceptance testing, quality control, service evaluation, failure analysis and product development. We analyze materials such as metals, composites

    • Capabilities: Certification / Qualification, Commissioning, Consulting / Training, Evaluation and Analysis, Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, First Article / Contract QA, Proficiency Testing, Research and Development, Testing, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Test Panel / Sample Prep, Witness / Review, Specialty
    • Forms Tested: Components / Parts, Samples / Materials, Products (Machines / Devices)
    • Services Offered: Aging / Life Testing, Chemical Compatibility Testing, Electrical Characteristics Testing, Leak / Seal Testing, Mechanical / Structural (Static Load / Stress), Oil Analysis / Fluids Testing, Physical Properties Testing, Specialty / Other
    • Test / Certify To: ASTM, ISO, MIL-SPEC, NEMA LI 1, NRC, OEM Specific, Other

  • Description: become faulty, the readings of a particular test can be incorrect. These bearings are ultrasonically monitored to indicate the earliest onset of bearing failure. X. Landing gear in a test lab is used to provide information about various mechanical processes related to this type of landing gear

    • Instrument Type: Condition Monitor / Fault Detector, Flaw Detection
    • Form Factor: Monitoring System
    • Technology: Acoustic Emission, Air / Structure Borne, Ultrasonic
    • Condition Monitored / Fault Detected: Electrical Faults / Condition, Mechanical Faults / Machine Condition, Process Faults / Condition, Other

  • Description: testers. It’s a lighter, easier-to-use deadweight tester calibration alternative that is at home in the lab or instrument shop, as well as in the field performing in-situ calibrations and tests. This complete hydraulic pressure calibration system combines the convenience and precision

  • Description: Noise pollution is the hottest topic in the hydraulic industry today. Lab tests show that pump noise levels are increased by 2-3 dB(A) just by adding 12 feet of outlet and return lines. The lines do not generate noise. They radiate noise when they respond to pulsations or vibrations. The pulsations

    • Technology Type: Bladder
    • Housing Material: Other

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  • V-Cone Flow Meters Solves Nuclear Lab Underwater Measurement Problem
    . They conduct tests on materials for nuclear power plants. NRG 's capabilities and functions include boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), services irradiation of fuel and materials post, medical irradiation examinations, and medical isotope production. Application. NRG uses flow metering to measure
  • Medical Device Link .
    long remained and some still is inefficient, laborious, and time-consuming. Over the past five years, however, research and development for clinical diagnostic systems based on lab-on-a-chip technologies have increased tremendously. To date, more than 2000 research papers on labs-on-a-chip
  • Medical Device Link .
    in the development of lab-on-a-chip systems. Tests that involve complex mixing and washing or heating steps such as antigen -antibody reactions, clinical chemistry and gene analysis are predisposed to minaturisation. The advantages are less probe and reagents use, portability and more analysis on a smaller space
  • Medical Device Link .
    measure about 50 blood protein analytes. Even so, a linear increase in throughput and simultaneously loaded tests requires a roughly linear increase in size, weight, power consumption, and cost (see Table I). The desire for comprehensive integrated test panels is offset by a linear modularity
  • Medical Device Link . How to Meet the New Simulation Testing Requirements
    variability than in vivo methods. Theoretical simulation techniques include finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. They are usually limited by the assumptions made in their derivation and the computational power of the computer. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to quantitatively
  • Medical Device Link .
    Systems Perform Testing of Devices, Materials An all-electric drive distinguishes the latest generation of universal dynamic test systems developed by The 900L system performs fatigue, fracture, tensile, compression, high-speed impact, and shear tests on devices, materials, and components, providing
  • Medical Device Link .
    with manual handling of samples and improves efficiency and throughput of the process. In one high-capacity blood analyzer, every blood sample can go through up to six screening tests at once. According to standard protocol, when a sample reacts positively to a test (indicating that it may be carrying
  • Miniature Motors Deliver Big Performance for Analyzers (.pdf)
    than 1000 assays an hour), such. as immunochemistry or DNA screening. Some medical. analyzers use a turn table-based approach (fig. 1) to stack. assays that are identified, marked and serialized to track. human fluids, enabling labs to deliver timely and accurate. feedback to the health care