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  • Reference: Automated Fluid Flow Calculator
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  • Fluid Analysis - A Preventive Maintenance Tool
    Heat-transfer fluid analysis can provide early warning signs of process problems. An effective preventive maintenance program should always include regularly scheduled analysis of heat transfer fluids. The three most critical tests to track are Acid Number,. Viscosity, and Distillation Range
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) (.pdf)
    purity throughout a system allows for efficient control of the process. The top gas generated at the top of the distillation column in a petroleum refinery's fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) is used to produce gasoline and LPG. As the composition of this gas varies depending on the running conditions
  • PTFE Fluid Handling Components Support Semiconductor Advancements
    into the fluid stream and will not absorb contaminants. Introduction of a pollutant into the wafer manufacturing process could cause the loss of millions of dollars worth of product, not to mention the downtime to identify the source of the contaminant and recommission the process. KEY CONSIDERATIONS
  • Troubleshooting Fluid Power Systems: A Blend of Art and Science
    One of the worst sounds in an industrial setting is a fluid power system with serious problems. Even worse is the eerie silence when everything shuts down due to a failure. When a fluid power system fails, the first impulse is to grab a tool kit and start tearing the system apart to find
  • Interdependencies Between Fluid Design and Coating Methods
    . . Finding an experienced high-precision, quality coating partner with diverse past process expertise saves a great amount of time in product scale up.  Evaluating alternative combinations of both fluid design and coating methods at the early stages of product definition will allow optimal selection
  • Field-Effect Sensors for Fluid Detection Applications (.pdf)
    sensing technology is ideally suited for sump, lift station, underground vault, wet well and storm water fluid level management applications. Field-Effect Sensors for Fluid Detection Applications FiEld-EFFEct SEnSoRS FoR Fluid dEtEction ApplicAtionS. Executive Summary. ultrasonic, and optical
  • Optimize HVAC and Process System Efficiency by Matching Your Plant and Processes To The Right Flow Measurement Technology
    programs designed to help manufacturers audit, improve and reduce their energy costs. Layout 1 Technical Publication. Optimize HVAC and Process System Efficiency by. Matching Your Plant and Processes to the Right. Flow Measurement Technology. By Allen Kugi, Sr. Applications Engineer,. Fluid