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  • Fluid Performance Factors
    The trade-offs necessary to choose a fluid involve a consideration of application requirements such as health, safety, and environmental effects, and fluid properties such as viscosity, stability, compressibility, gas solubility, and lubricity. measures how a fluid resists flow. It is the single
  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    ) fluids can rapidly change from a free-flowing liquid to a semisolid when exposed to magnetic fields. This property makes them useful in a variety of mechanical systems. For example, rotary MR-fluid brakes act as variable-resistance elements in exercise equipment such as stair climbers and recumbent
  • Hydraulic fluids change with the times
    property to consider when selecting a fluid. Viscosity is the strength of the fluid's cohesive force. It determines fluid friction and the drag moving parts exert, which pulls fluid between metal surfaces. Viscosity at the equipment's operating temperature determines the rate at which fluid flows
  • Analog Sensor Conditioning Circuits - An Overview
    Analog sensors produce a change in an electrical property to indicate a change in its environment. This change in electrical property needs to be conditioned by an analog circuit before conversion to digital. Further processing occurs in the digital domain but is not addresses in this application
  • Quality Requirements of Bio-Based Lubricants
    The Quality of a Biobased Lubricant is an indication of the length of time that the lubricant's essential properties will continue to perform as expected. The quality of a Bio Hydraulic Fluid is the length of time that the fluid's essential properties will continue to perform as expected, i.e.
  • Foam Control
    Foam is typically considered to be an undesirable property in a metalworking fluid. Since most metalworking fluids have good cleaning properties to help keep machines clean, they also foam when agitated. The quantity of foam that occurs, then, depends upon the chemical composition of a metalworking
    The objective of this test program was to review the potential physical and chemical ch. anges of three popular "high-performance" oilfield materials in potassium formate over a relatively short time period. Potassium formate is a popular completion fluid, on account of its benign environmental
  • Physical Properties of Bio-Based Oils, Fluids, and Greases
    Technically, the Viscosity of an oil is a measure of the oils resistance to Shear. Viscosity is more commonly known as resistance to flow. If a lubricating oil is considered as a series of fluid layers superimposed on each other, the viscosity of the oil is a measure of the resistance to flow

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