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  • Fluid Performance Factors
    The trade-offs necessary to choose a fluid involve a consideration of application requirements such as health, safety, and environmental effects, and fluid properties such as viscosity, stability, compressibility, gas solubility, and lubricity. measures how a fluid resists flow. It is the single
  • Elementary Fluid Mechanics
    Elementary Fluid Mechanics. Beginning with the fundamental concepts of the nature of flows and the properties of fluids, this book presents fundamental conservation equations of mass, momentum and energy, and the equations of motion for both inviscid and viscous fluids.
  • Study Investigates Fluid Conditioning
    and lubricating fluids. Fluid conditioning or purification removes contaminants such as water and gases and is used with filtration to remove solid particulates
  • Tackling Tough Fluid Sensing Challenges
    If an application calls for the accurate fluid sensing of liquid level, pressure or flow, Gems Sensors & Controls can help. Their extensive fluid sensing portfolio has evolved from nearly 60 years of field-proven successes in a variety of markets. Common customer fluid sensing challenges can
  • Petrophysics: Theory and Practice of Measuring Reservoir Rock and Fluid Transport Properties
    Petrophysics: Theory and Practice of Measuring Reservoir Rock and Fluid Transport Properties. Covering real-life problems and cases for the practicing engineer, this book provides the much-needed calculations and formulas on fluid flow, rock properties, and many other topics that are encountered
  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    ) fluids can rapidly change from a free-flowing liquid to a semisolid when exposed to magnetic fields. This property makes them useful in a variety of mechanical systems. For example, rotary MR-fluid brakes act as variable-resistance elements in exercise equipment such as stair climbers and recumbent
  • Booklet available: Temperature Control By Means of Fluid Media
    Content of this booklet: Theory: Temperature control units; Cooling systems for the plastics industry; Control engineering; Data interfaces; Temperature measurement in the plastics industry; Pumps; Water as a heat-transfer fluid; Treating water for use in heat transfer installations; Thermal oil
  • Properties and Principles of Fluid Power
    ROSS Controls is famous for its wide variety of pneumatic valves. But what may not be so well known is the science behind the valves.Why are valve systems used? What kinds of systems exist? What principles must we be aware of when working with valves? To answer these questions and

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