• Description: enough to allow for precise positioning. Longer nozzles are available. Lubricant and air mix at the nozzle tip to atomize the fluid. There is a separate needle control for air flow to the nozzle. No additional air supply or separate air regulator is required, making this a highly efficient spray method

    • Inlet Size: 0.1250 inch
    • Power Source: Oil
    • Primary Material of Construction: Aluminum
    • Market Segment: General Industrial, Food Processing

  • Description: protection Allows to choose HTi, HPA, AIRMIX® spray technologies The paint applied on parts always conforms to specifications User-friendly and easy programming for the operator To handle a wide range of materials Fluid and solvent consumptions stored in memory Ergonomy of the working station

    • Media Type: Liquids, Solutions, Emulsions
    • Media Viscosity: 30 to 5000 cps
    • Mixer Type: Other Mixer Type
    • Operating Condition: Continuous Feed

  • Description: Description MODUCLEAN and MODUFLOW are colour-changer blocks, their compact and modular design allows adding several components (slices). Each slice allows using two products (paint or rinsing product) thanks to microvalves. The colour-changer block is used similarly with all the automatic spraying

    • Painting / Coating Process: Spray / Atomization (Wet), Powder Coating
    • Spray / Atomization Technology: Air Spray (Air Atomized)
    • Type: Component / Sub-system
    • System Option / Component: Applicator / Gun

  • Supplier: Chemdet, Inc.

    Description: fluid is the only lubrication necessary, making the Turbodisc 75/360 ideal for food and beverage cleaning applications. Economy & Efficiency Low flow rates and reduced cleaning times are made possible by the continuously circulating dense spray pattern created by the unique rotating disc design.

    • Media: Chemicals, Other
    • Application: Cleaning / Blowoff, Other
    • Orifice Size: 0.1181 inch
    • Nozzle Material: Steel - Stainless

  • Description: The M22 G Basik HPA is our economy gun with our unsurpassed ergonomic gun body. It is recommended for conventional gravity spraying. Features Polished aluminum body Product fluid passages in stainless steel New design of the BA aircap E-Z adjust aircap 0.6 l polyacetal cup Benefits Easy

    • Coating Applicator Type: Atomization (Wet Spray)
    • Spray / Atomization Technology: Reduced / Low Pressure, Specialty / Other
    • Air / Supply Pressure: 29.01 to 87.02 psi
    • Automation / Control: None - Manual

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190749 Radwell Devilbiss Pneumatics, Pneumatic Accessories SPRAY GUN FLUID NOZZLE FOR 4TH07

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  • Non-Bearding Two-Fluid Spray Nozzle Design for Tablet Coating Applications
    Two-fluid spray nozzles used in tablet coaters are prone to collect deposits on the nozzle exit orifice, this phenomenon is known as bearding. Bearding effects the droplet size distribution, which has a direct effect on the process quality and reproducibility. The purpose of this work is to develop
  • Fluid Dynamic Study of Hollow Cone Sprays (.pdf)
    An analytical study of spray from an outwardly opening pressure swirl injector has been presented in this paper. A number of model injectors with varying design configurations have been used in this study. The outwardly opening injection process has been modeled using a modified spray breakup model
  • How CFD streamlines fluid designs
    Fluid-analysis software lets engineers see inside products to spot and solve troublesome flow problems. Moen's Revolution showerhead with Freedom Dial represent a product with complex internal waterways and several functions in a small package. The dial lets users select a steady stream of water
  • LES Simulation of the Internal Flow and Near-Field Spray Structure of an Outward-Opening GDi Injector and Comparison with Imaging Data (.pdf)
    probes the relationship of the spray breakup structure to the liquid-phase flow within the injector nozzle - especially at the nozzle exit -obtained through Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulations.
  • Scale-Up from Laboratory to Production-Scale Spray Dryer
    the drop size distribution in the scale-up is important to ensure consistent product quality. Experimentally obtain baseline spray characteristics and optimize the production-scale spray nozzle to meet these conditions. Provide optimized fluid conditions and spray characteristics designated
  • Infrared Imaging in Engineering Applications (.pdf)
    to describe high-speed thermal events and provide experimental data for computational models. The first project involves conducting experimental measurements and numerical simulations to investigate the effect of mist on the spray heat transfer and fluid dynamics in the cooling of a cylindrical surface
  • Perfect Painting: Putting It on Right the First Time
    Sometimes, saving dollars in up-front costs results in considerable expenses down the road. Spec'ing the right elements at the beginning can lead to long-term savings... High-production Class-A paint shops the world over are investing in the finest filtration equipment for fluid and air paint
  • High Water Content Fluids (HWCF)
    with straight oils or emulsions with high levels of oil. HWCF fluids are used in hydraulic fluid applications where a flammable fluid leaking from a break would be likely to spray onto a hot surface and ignite. The high water content of HWCF also improves cooling performance. 

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