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  • SPEED LIMITS: Relating flow velocity to hydraulic performance
    , and drain lines. A key parameter for most hydraulic and fluid systems is flow velocity though hose or pipe. Designers usually strive to maximize flow, optimizing performance while using the smallest possible hose to save on cost, space, and weight. But too high a fluid bulk flow velocity may cause
  • Malema M-VF Series Adjustable Velocity Fuse
    Malema's M-VF Series adjustable velocity fuse is a safety device used in tubes and pipe lines carrying hazardous and expensive fluids. A rupture or leak in these tubes/pipes causes the velocity of the fluid to increase beyond a predetermined set level causing the fuse to shut off the line. All
  • How CFD streamlines fluid designs
    Fluid-analysis software lets engineers see inside products to spot and solve troublesome flow problems. Moen's Revolution showerhead with Freedom Dial represent a product with complex internal waterways and several functions in a small package. The dial lets users select a steady stream of water
  • Helical gear pump selection calculations and installation notes
    Calculate fluid velocity, delivered flow rate, absorbed torque and power for low noise and low pulsation helical gear pumps.
  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    New controllable fluid-sponge dampers and brakes take on high-volume, cost-sensitive applications. Force versus displacement and velocity curves for a typical MR sponge damper. Damping force increases with applied current. This simple MR-fluid sponge damper for about 100 N, requires only 3 ml of MR
  • Fluid Loss in Perforated Metal
    impacting perpendicularly on the sample. Various perforated thin gauge plates were inserted into a uniform velocity liquid flow stream. Pressure loss for ambient liquid flow was then measured at a series of velocities and reported as inches of mercury loss for each flow. This data, therefore, presents
  • Filter Elements Containment Function
    because there are some very ingenious filter media on the market today which employ depth or a three dimensional matrix to trap particles. If the system flow rate is constant, the rate is constant with respect to fluid velocity. As the open area is reduced in the element, the fluid velocity increases
  • Steam Ejector Pumps And Ejectors & Steam Ejector Theory
    Steam ejectors are designed to convert the pressure energy of a motivating fluid to velocity energy to entrain suction fluid and then to recompress the mixed fluids by converting velocity energy back into pressure energy. This is based on the theory that a properly designed nozzle followed

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