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  • Fire Resistant Fluids
    the surface of the liquid. Autogenous ignition (AIT) is the temperature at which ignition occurs spontaneously. Three common types of fire-resistant fluids are: 1. High water content fluids (HWCF) such as water-petroleum oil emulsions or water-synthetic emulsions in which the water prevents burning
  • The Best Heat Transfer Fluids for Liquid Cooling
    a compatible pairing of heat transfer fluid and wetted materials, you’ll minimize the risk of corrosion as well as optimize your thermal performance. Copper is compatible with water and glycol/water solutions and aluminum is compatible with glycol/water solutions, dielectric fluids, and oils. When
  • Water conservation
    volumes of process fluid can easily be sent to drain as the flush dilutes and masks the process leakage. Ultimately, the bottom rings, those below the lantern ring, become sacrificial. Flush water does not lubricate them and leakage through them is not easily detectable. Also, the packing gland load
  • Deionized Water
    of the most aggressive solvents known. In fact, to a varying degree, it will dissolve everything to which it is exposed. Therefore, all materials in the cooling loop must be corrosion-resistant. Copper and many other common materials are not compatible with DI water and will contaminate it. When
  • Field-Effect Sensors for Fluid Detection Applications (.pdf)
    Field-Effect sensing has the unique ability to detect fluids and semi-solid materials without making direct contact. If the material being targeted is conductive in nature (for example, water), and the barrier wall is non-conductive, then Field-Effect is the technology of choice. Field-Effect
  • Technical reference: Fluid compatibility
    temperature range °C. Motor Oils. Hypoid Oils. Automatic Transmission Fluid. IISO 6743-4 Hydraulic oils (HL, HM, HV). +150 -40. +150 -40. +160 -50. +100 -30. Maximum continous service temperature in fluids °C. NBR 70 IRH. NBR 90 IRHD. Nitrile (medium). +100 -30. +120 -30. +100. +90. +100. +100. FKM
  • Frac water treatment success in Mt. Pleasant, PA
    decommissioning for potential reuse as. anything yet to treat frac water. Kicinski, having 25 years experience as a consultant and working at US Filter, put together the. plan for refurbishing the treatment plant. The drilling fluids (fracing liquid) arrive on trucks which. unload into large holding
  • Sizing Heaters and Steam Requirements for Domestic Hot Water Systems: Hotels
    Package). The tube side of the. instantaneous water heaters is constructed from stainless steel, copper or other nonferrous alloys. Since steam is not corrosive fluid, the shell is constructed from carbon steel. The instantaneous. water heaters have relatively small size and can be easily installed
  • Accurate Gas Flow Measurement Improves Water Disinfection Process Efficiency
    Improves. Water Disinfection Process Efficiency. By Tristan J. Williams, Sr. Member Technical Staff. Fluid Components International. Visit FCI on the Worldwide Web g Headquarters g 1755 La Costa Meadows Drive. San Marcos, California 92078 USA. Phone 760-744-6950 g Toll Free
  • Accurate Gas Flow Measurement Improves Water Disinfection Process (.pdf)
    Persephonestraat 3-01 5047 TT Tilburg, The Netherlands. Phone 31-13-5159989 g Fax 31-13-5799036. FCI is ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 certified. Accurate Gas Flow Measurement Improves. Water Disinfection Process Efficiency. By Tristan J. Williams, Sr. Member Technical Staff. Fluid Components International. hazard