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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LMO FGG.2K.015.CLAC65 PEI-Genesis Lemo Not Provided LKP KeyG FLUIDIC+10LV
LMO FGG.3B.025.CLAD92 PEI-Genesis Lemo Not Provided LBP KeyG 2 FLUIDIC +10C (LV) D
FGG.2K.015.CLAK11 Heilind Electronics, Inc. LEMO USA Connectors PLUG (CdG)FLUIDIC + 10LV
FGG.2B.195.LN Digi-Key LEMO Undefined Category FLUIDIC SLEEVE
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  • Micro Fluidic Flow and Pressure
    and/or pressure. control units need to be miniaturized. ��. Gases &Technology. FEATURE. Micro Fluidic Flow and Pressure. Control Modules for Integration. Into Compact Systems. D R . J . C . L ö T T E R S. The footprint of mass flow and pressure sensors can be substantially. reduced using MST/MEMS
  • Digital Control of Fluidic Processes (.pdf)
    Clinton Drive – Unit 103. Hollis, NH 03049. 603-595-1500. Digital Control of Fluidic Processes. and the Benefits of Using the MPC. By Erika Sutherland, Applications Engineer. Date 02/14/08. Contents. Introduction. This paper explores the challenges
  • Medical Device Link .
    competencies, product development engineers rely on strategic suppliers for functional subsystems such as precision fluidics. The process of finding and qualifying the right component can be daunting enough. The number of components required to design and assemble a precision fluidic subsystem in-house
  • Medical Device Link .
    advancements in instrumentation technology. Automated fluidic transport systems are a classic example, being adopted into systems that facilitate a broad spectrum of IVD tests, including immunoassays, nucleic acid -based diagnostics, and clinical chemistry testing. Manual pipetting of chemistries
  • Fluid Handling In Medical Device Design: Issues and Challenges
    This white paper will review key challenges and emerging trends in fluidics design, and will explore considerations for achieving the best results when working with contract design and manufacturing firms. FLUIDICS SYSTEMS IN MEDICAL DEVICE DESIGN: FLUID HANDLING IN MEDICAL DEVICE DESIGN: ISSUES
  • CapNMR TM Probe Data
    The JEOL ECA and ECX NMR spectrometers now support the MRM / Protasis CapNMR. Probe for microscale NMR. "The CapNMR. probe combines recent scientific advances in capillary-scale fluidics and enhanced mass sensitivity to provide a highly sensitive, cost-effective, and robust platform for flow NMR
  • Combining Additive and Subtractive Techniques in the Design and Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices
    Laminate construction of microfluidic devices offers a means to incorporate both additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques for the development of multiplexed fluidic devices that have, for example, porous membranes formed-in-place (FIP). Important applications for these hybrid devices
  • High Speed Imaging of Small Objects
    /Quality fields that require object magnification. When an object is magnified, its relative speed is magnified also. Example: applications that require magnification include nanotechnologies, cellular biology, droplet characterizations, fluidics and wire bonding. This is an abbreviated list of a long

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