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  • Plasma Advancement Expands the Uses of Fluoropolymer Coatings and Linings
    " properties has long been a challenge. The serviceability and usefulness of fluoropolymers are severely limited because of the inability to achieve strong adhesive bonds between fluoropolymer surfaces and other materials such as adhesives, plastics, ceramics, metals, and glass. Greater adhesion
  • Bonding Tape Systems for TPO Materials (.pdf)
    be specifically. formulated to ensure appropriate bonding. 1. Surface Energy by Substrate. (Dynes/cm). Stainless Steel. 400+. Glass. 60+. Polycarbonate. 52. Epoxy. 48. ABS. 46. Anodized Aluminum. 34. HDPE. 34. Fluoropolymer. 32. LDPE. 32. Rigid PVC. 32. Urethane. 32. Polyester. 30. PP. 30. TPO. 30. TPO’s which
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    Coating on small-part mandrels won 't flake Forming mandrels for manufacturing small-diameter parts feature a uniform fluoropolymer coating that is pinhole free and will not flake. APC PTFE Natural fluoropolymer forming mandrels made from stainless-steel or nitinol wire are available from Applied
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    . In collaboration with customers, the company establishes tool requirements, selects materials, specifies durability and weight, and offers low- and high-volume manufacturing. Product samples and descriptions are available on the Web site. Services Added to Fluoropolymer Extrusion Technology Leveraging its
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    developed using molten materials to chemically modify the surface. Interestingly, copolymers of fluoropolymer with other materials allow surface preparation specific to either species. For example, a copolymer of fluoropolymer and polyethylene can be treated either at the fluorinated sites
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    A core layer of PTFE fluoropolymer is overlaid with protective layers of glass fibers and stainless steel to construct strong, flexible hose that handles maximum pressures ranging from 1200 to 4000 psi and does not kink. The smooth, chemically inert, nonstick inner surface of the APFGS hose suits
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    . Preformed tubes minimize kinks and offer high operational safety. Fluoropolymer tubing is especially resistant to hydrolysis. High-precision, close-tolerance tubing is manufactured, including single-lumen, multilumen, coextruded, tapered, and heat-shrinkable models. The tubing can be produced from most
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    , fluoropolymer, and acetal homopolymer (see Table II). SubstrateEthyl Cyanoacrylatewithout PrimerToughened EthylCyanoacrylate withoutPrimerEthyl Cyanoacrylatewith Primer Acetal2001001700 Fluoropolymer3502001050 Polyethylene150 <50500 Polypropylene5050 >1950 Table II. Cyanoacrylate block shear

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