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...for calibration gases. causes the mV signal to decrease. Detectors which require lower calibration gas flow rates are. not as likely to over-pressurize the gas within the fly-ash. At Point “C” the calibration process is complete. The O2. which surrounds O2 cell, as a detector which requires high...

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media; -- Post-restoration compliance monitoring; -- Remediation of low level dispersed radioactive contamination in the environment.

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Nuclear Energy Series Guides provide high level guidance on how to achieve the objectives related to the various topics and areas involving the

(4-180)f (1-140)f (7-1,200)f Coal Tar (100-300)e (100-300)b -- -- Fly Ash-Bottom Ash 200e 200b 200b -- Coal, U.S. -- 18 (1-540)g 21 (2-320)g 52

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The monitor consists of one Nippon MS-1 mercury speciation unit and two Nippon DM-5 mercury detectors.

*1-Front Piece
Processing Level ? Data set processing level is referred to throughout this document (see defini- tions on facing page). Level 1 data (radiances,

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?Copper mining and smelting is a hallmark of early state-level society in the eastern Mediterranean,? says Savage, a researcher from Arizona State

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condition tubes are initially cleaned by rinsing first with trace- the fly ash particles entering an electrostatic precipita- metals-grade 37%

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