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  • Flyback Transformers (FBT)

    Flyback transformers (FBT) or line output transformers (LOPT) are transformers that are designed to produce a very high output voltage (normally in the order of kilo volts) from a relatively low input voltage. Flyback is a topology that uses the flyback - also known as kickback - of an inductor

  • Forward Converters

    between flyback and forward transformers is in the way the energy transfer takes place. Flyback transformers have two distinct phases for energy storage and delivery. By contrast, forward transformers transfer energy from input to output in a single step.

  • Transformer Design for Charging Defibrillator Capacitors

    Generating high voltage by means of flyback topology is a common approach. Using the generated voltage to charge a capacitor for a high energy pulse are used in defibrillators, photoflashs, strobes and ignition circuits to name a few. The procedure outlined in this article is useful in the initial

  • Common Power Supply Topologies

    The three basic topologies used in switching power supplies are buck, also known as forward, boost and buck-boost, also known as Flyback. All three topologies use the same three elements, transistor, inductor and diode but they are arranged in different manners. The essential difference between

  • Offline UPS Reference Design Using the dsPIC DSC (.pdf)

    (steps up the DC battery voltage to a constant high-voltage DC) 2)Full-Bridge Inverter (converts DC voltage to a sinusoidal AC output) 3)Flyback Switch Mode Charger (current source and charges battery with constant current)

  • Brushless DC Motor Control Using PIC18FXX31 MCUs

    from the DC bus. The control circuit and power circuits are optically isolated with respect to each other. An on-board fly-back power supply generates +5VD, with respect to the digital ground used for powering up the control circuit, including the PICmicro (R) device. +5VA and +15VA are generated

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  • Re: 3w LED Driver Design Problem

    Whoa, this ST appnote an2961 eval schematic and configuration is quite different from the suggested schematic in the VIPer22A datasheet (the 12A is similar to the 22A). The datasheet describes a conventional flyback circuit, with an isolated output. In it the VIPer22A smps controller IC operates fro...

  • Flyback Converters...

    Can anyone tell me are flyback and matrix converters are high power converters ? if so then can anyone let me undrestand how they works ? and from where could i find their Schematic Diagrams and working of these converters ? awaiting for reply I A Makda...

  • Re: ARC Quenching - Single-Pole Double-Throw Relay

    The implication that you are switching the taps of a transformer is a big hint. Regardless of the final load being a resistive load, on transition there will always be a reactive component. Since you are switching an AC signal, the standard practice of a Flyback diode across the inductive load will...

  • Re: Television Repair

    If you have the gumption and the test equipment needed you can try and repair them yourself. There are plenty of old college texts on TV repair - this used to be a integral part of the electronics curriculum back in the day. Outside of the tuners that are a pain to service or get parts for the old s...

  • Re: Electronic Circuit Traceout

    Hi AA 1) There is no more Czechoslovakia. Just Czech and Slovakia. If you saw "Chechoslovakia" printed on the box (as the location of production) this means that this p.s. is old -probably from the 80's- and its pcb design is a simple 2 layer and not a multilayer. Then you could have more luck...

  • Re: ats schematic daigram.

    Baby Bear, I am having trouble geting Google to produce results. I cut and pasted the entire string but keep getting a "no results found" to my search query. to the original poster: As for the automatic transfer switch the schematics I did find all lack a critical element. They do not show...

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  • Kinetic and Mechanistic Insights into the All-Solid-State Z-Schematic System

    The Journal of Physical Chemistry CDOI: 10.1021/jp509587a

  • Electronic Spark Generator Circuit

    The problem I'm continually faced with is the T1 transformer Burning out, heating, overloading that ends the functioning circuit. http://www.sgscience.dx.am/page2.html The circuit I have used is the second schematic. Everything has been built to spec. The only thing I can think of is b

  • Graphene-Wrapped Rechargeable Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

    By Alessandro Pirolini Schematic of the preparation of a 3-D hierarchically structured graphene-sulfur/carbonZIF8-D composite. Image credit: K.Xi / Cambridge A team of researchers from the UK and...

  • Questions about Multivariable Control, Flow, Valves or PLC Schematics?

    Get Your Answers Here

  • Latest DIY board serves higher-end applications

    There is no shortage of development platforms these days, from Arduino to mbed to Raspberry Pi, just to name a few. I happen to be a big believer in these boards, as they provide a great way for engineers, even those with little or no design experience, to get their feet wet with some of the available technologies. For the most part, each of the platforms serves a particular need. While there is some overlap in the markets the products serve, it’s not so great that you can’t make a good argument for why each has a place. A lot of the success (or lack thereof) of these platforms has to do with the communities they’ve been able to build and sustain. For some, you can find all the tools and code you need to build a large number of applications. Enter the Gizmo 2 platform, an x86-based development board that’s aimed at a slightly higher level of performance. Taking that successful path, the Gizmo 2 was announced and is being supported by a non-profit, open-source community called GizmoSphere. While it costs a little more than some of the other platforms, priced at $199, it offers a performance level that will serve some of the more demanding applications. The 4″ by 4″ Gizmo 2 is built on the CPU and GPU technology that’s behind some of today's leading video game consoles, data centers, and PCs. And it’s coupled with a complete open-source development ecosystem. Access to all Gizmo 2 hardware design documents, including schematics, bill of materials, and Gerber files for manufacturing the board are available through the GizmoSphere community and element14. The Gizmo 2 platform includes a coreboot-based SageBIOS OSP from Sage Electronic Engineering and a Timesys-powered embedded Linux environment showcasing accelerated video, native C/C++, and Python application development, and access to Timesys LinuxLink for building an optimized, deeply embedded Linux platform. In addition to Linux, Gizmo 2 is compatible with Microsoft Windows Embedded 8, and supports the Minoca Corp. operating system. A Debian Linux distribution is expected shortly.

Product Announcements for Flyback Schematic
E Craftsmen Corporation
Custom Flyback Transformers

Creative designs with optimal performance - we provide efficient transformers for all demanding industries. From concept through delivery, we collaborate with customers to minimize risk and provide carefully constructed transformers with fine attention to specification. Switching Frequency and Ferrite Transformers. Switching Converter Transformers. Flyback Transformers. Forward Converter Transformers. Push-Pull Transformers. Full Bridge Transformers. High Current Transformers. Buck - Boost...

Fairchild Semiconductor
Single-Stage Flyback PFC for LED Lighting Designs

On-demand Webinar: This webinar will start with a review of the design challenges, agency requirements and standards, and key elements of LED lighting designs. We will then look at the theory of operation for traditional single-stage flyback power factor correction (PFC), using a critical conduction mode (CrCM) PFC control IC, along with fixed-frequency discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) single-stage flyback PFC. During this webinar, the new FL7733A single-stage primary-side regulated LED...

Avago Technologies
2.5A Gate Drive Optocoupler w/ Flyback Controller

The Avago ACPL-302J is a 2.5A  smart gate drive optocoupler device that improves isolated power supply and simplifies gate drive design. The ACPL-302J features an integrated flyback controller for DC-DC converters and a full set of fail-safe IGBT diagnostics, protection and fault reporting, providing a complete and cost-effective gate drive solution. With a 2.5A rail-to-rail output, the device is ideal for driving IGBTs and power MOSFETs in industrial power inverters and motor drives...