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  • TA046: Design of a Single Card Telemetry Module for Smart Munitions Testing
    incorporates a frequency programmable, phase-locked FM Sband transmitter. The transmitter utilizes M/A-COM's new dual port VCO and high efficiency 500 mW and 1 W power amplifier MMIC's. Additionally, switching power regulation circuits were implemented within the module to provide maximum operating
  • Medical Device Link .
    transceiver architectures are worthy of consideration. The range of possibilities extends from a simple FM transmitter to a complex, frequency-hopped ISM-band transceiver as shown in Figure 1.1 Typical applications require an external circulator (or diplexer) and filters, but these are not insurmountable
  • Voltage-to-Frequency/Frequency-to-Voltage Converter
    transmitter. Preamp. Temperature Display. Temp. TC9400. Gate. Probe. V/F. Latch. Gate. Latch. Reset. Reset. 50/60Hz. One. One. Shot. Shot. Temperature. Preamp. Preamp. Preamp. Probes. A. Thermocouple. B. Thermistor. C. Transistor. Junction. FIGURE 5: Temperature meter. A/D CONVERSION
  • Active Barrier and Power Supply
    CS 0048 RN221N.indd Active Barrier and Power Supply. RN221N is used as an intrinsically safe barrier and. power supply. Hazardous chemical. RN221N active barrier. Protection in dust. storage. and power supply. hazardous storage. The RN221N is a FM certified active. The RN221N is both the power
  • Understanding Your Signal Generator Output Specification (.pdf)
    by the error amplifier and. the variable attenuator. The servo action of the ALC loop ensures. This very basic scheme is limited to CW and other signal formats. that gain variations in the RF drive voltage and the output. with constant carrier amplitude modulation schemes such as FM. amplifier do not appear
  • Technical Resource: Common Wireless Terms
    , measured in Hertz (Hz). Frequency Hopping (FH): A spread spectrum modulation technique where the transmitter frequency hops from channel to channel in a predetermined but pseudo-random manner. Frequency Modulation (FM): An analog modulation technique whereby the frequency of a carrier is varied
  • RTO Technical Specifications
    will be provided by one (1) stand alone panel mounted. FM approved Honeywell UDC 4000. High limit will be a hard wired interlock. Process duct pressure shall be controlled via stand-alone Honeywell UDC 2500 with 4-20ma. loop control with pressure transmitter and variable frequency drive
  • Dual Receiver with Phase and Switched Diversity for Background Processing and Reception Improvement (.pdf)
    of a digital FM receiver which embodies. diversity reception, but this solution carries a significant. these functions is described. cost penalty. This paper presents a dual tuner design that. maintains diversity reception during background. INTRODUCTION. processing. The first objective of a radio receiver

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