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DM164130-1 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Control add-on, and support for PICkit 3 & PICkit Serial. This board provides a platform for general purpose development, and includes demonstrations focusing on Low Power, LCD, and Motor Control. F1 Evaluation Platform Features. 44-pin development board with prototyping area. Populated...

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  • Featured Application: Laser Marking and Cutting Decorative Cards
    vapor and debris away from the focusing lens when cutting with a marking head). For applications where a thin material must be both cut and marked, marking heads are considerably faster than laser engravers or XY tables, because marking heads use galvanometers to quickly steer and redirect the beam
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting Viton (R) Rubber Gaskets
    laser and an FH Series marking head. The FH head was fitted with a 125 mm focusing lens that provides a 180-micron (0.007 ") spot size with a 3-mm (0.118 ") depth of focus across the entire mark field. In WinMark Pro's Drawing Editor, we created an 18-character, 2-line manufacturing code using
  • Featured Application: Laser Marking Inverted TrueType Text on Wood
    intricate cuts over a small area, we selected an FH Series marking head equipped with a 125 mm focusing lens to provide XY motion. The 180-micron (0.007 ") spot from the FLA 125 lens covers a maximum mark field of 85 mm by 105 mm (3.4 " x 4.2 ") with a position accuracy of 0.017 mm (0.0007 "). At a power
  • Featured Application: Laser Marking Anodized Aluminum Plaques
    . Because the composite tubes have a wall thickness of 1 mm (0.04 "), we set up our cutting head with a 63.5 mm (2.5 ") positive-meniscus focusing lens that provides a 100-micron (0.004 ") spot with a 1.8 mm (0.07 ") depth of field. A 2.8 bar (40 PSI) air assist, delivered coaxially with the beam, was used
  • Featured Application: Creating Custom Composite Codes in WinMark Pro v6
    f201 laser and FH Series marking head. This galvanometer-based cutting method offers the added benefit of a familiar Windows (R)-based user interface and our easy-to-use WinMark Pro laser marking software. We equipped our FH head with an 80 mm focusing lens that provides a 116-micron (0.005 ") spot
  • Medical Device Link .
    unit with a large, easy-to-read LCD. Variable pulse widths from 0.2 to 10 ms are achievable in single shot, burst, and repeat rates. Accurate application of the laser beam is facilitated by a visible light aiming feature. The workstation and related accessories include a focusing head, gas-handling
  • Featured Application: Laser Marking Curved or Cylindrical Surfaces
    at the far edges of curvature, depending on the depth of field of the focusing lens. Line of sight issues due to geometrical constraints are a second problem because marking around the entire circumference of a cylindrical object is impossible with standard stationary marking, even when using a 3-axis
  • Cutting LDPE
    proportionally. Drilling Aluminized Mylar. This application involves perforating aluminized Mylar (R) film using a Synrad sealed CO2 laser and FH Series marking head. With a specified position accuracy of four ten-thousandths of an inch (0.0004 " or 0.01 mm) using our 80 mm focusing lens, the FH head

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