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  • Welding with light
    :YAG lasers to the workpiece by moving the workpiece itself, moving the laser head with a robotic arm, or by redirecting the beam with two scanner mirrors, focusing optics, or wave guides. Welding-seam width is adjustable from about /10 mm to several millimeters. Automotive parts made from
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    designs FTL Systems is quietly preparing a complete IC design solution, but this small, privately held company isn't about to go head-to-head against the big EDA vendors. Instead, the company said it is focusing on problems that conventional EDA tools can't solve most notably ICs
  • Tata Consulting, Pavilion and Thermo Electron Link Up for PAT
    industries. Within pharmaceuticals, Jackson says, Pavilion has been focusing on biologics upstream processes in the form of fermentation. Downstream, we are working with clients on improving lyophilization processes and solid dosage on secondary processes such as granulation, drying and blending, " he
  • Global QC: On the Front Lines With DQI s Patrick Lukulay
    part in a study of antimalaria drug quality in Africa, a summary of which will soon be available. Where is DQI focusing its efforts? Our work in Madagascar is ongoing, and, altogether, we have targets in nine African nations. We are now exporting a program like Madagascar 's to Mali. We 're also
  • Small and cheap spectrometers
    . The Georgia Tech device combines all these pieces into two parts: a volume hologram formed in an inexpensive polymer, and a detector. Volume holograms are recorded by the interference pattern of two light beams in a piece of photopolymer. The hologram handles both the alignment and focusing
  • BMS Aims High Through Benchmarking
    . One year after the team made its initial pitch to top brass, the company 's president of technical operations issued a message to employees that BMS would be focusing on supply chain optimization and quality in a new initiative called "Quality in Everything We Do. " "By that point, we knew we had
  • Leading by Example
    will be focusing on biopharmaceuticals development, an area where PAT is still underdeveloped, and where there is still disagreement on how to apply it, let alone more-advanced forms of process control. Currently, biopharmaceutical manufacturers make up only 7% of ASTM s E-55 committee. And some
  • Application Newsletter - Laser Marking Tools - What will they think of next?
    to be marked on the plastic handle. Using a Laser Photonics FiberTower TM Series marking system, equipped with a pulsed (1064nm, 1mJ @ 20kHz) high-powered, energy efficient fiber laser, scanning head and 160mm focusing lens, the FiberTower TM, in one pass surface marked the sample in 95.78 seconds

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