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    Sheeters - (42 companies)
    Sheeting systems may also include equipment for stacking, slitting and other secondary operations. Automatic sheeters and sheeting machines are designed to automatically feed and cut materials such as bubble wrap, cloth, fabric, fiberglass, foam... Learn More
  • Machine Vision Systems-Image
    Machine Vision Systems - (604 companies)
    Machine vision systems are used for automated inspection and measurement in production environments. They are an integrated camera, image capture, processing, storage, analysis and control system for automated inspection and measurement... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Machine Redesign and Rebuild Services-Image
    Machine Redesign and Rebuild Services - (830 companies)
    Machine redesign and machine rebuild services redesign and rebuild machines. Machine redesign and machine rebuild services are used to enhance machinery capabilities and improve machinery productivity. There are several types of machine redesign... Learn More
  • Machine Guards-Image
    Machine Guards - (134 companies)
    Machine guards provide a physical barrier between an operator and hazardous points on a machine to prevent accidental injury and provide protection from flying debris, contaminants and noise. Machine guards provide a physical barrier between... Learn More
  • Machine Bases-Image
    Machine Bases - (99 companies)
    ...are designed to support grinding machines, scroll saws, or drill presses in manufacturing or industrial applications. Common applications for a machine base include mining, offshore oil and gas production, fossil and nuclear power general, component... Learn More

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  • Adhesion of fondant mass to equipment.
    Adhesion of dough and confectionery raw materials ( fondant , dessert, jelly and similar materials) during transport to the moulding machines is a serious problem because equipment designers must take into account the degree of adhesion of the material to various materials (e.g … … for the transport of fondant is described with the aid of appropriate flow sheets , including the operation …
  • A Formulary of Candy Products
    Add the fondant and salt and continue to beat until the batch becomes short, then add the … Spread the batch out to form sheets or spoon into the form of kisses, or form on the Friend rolled cream center machine .
  • An Encyclopedia of Candy and Ice-Cream Making
    After cooling the batch to about lOO°F, the soaked sheet gelatin is placed on top and the machine is started and kept in motion until the batch turns to a creamy lump. The cream fondant is placed in a steam-bath copper pan and stirred gradually until melted.
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  • The Chemical Formulary, Volume 7
    … the wrap- ping paper is removed by first moistening with water and the sheet of jelly is … Fondant Icing Sugar Sucrose, passing through a 300 mesh screen, is placed in a mixing machine .
  • The Chemical Formulary, Volume 12
    Place all ingredients into a mixing machine , or mix and knead by hand, to obtain a paste … The basic almond paste, fondant , sugar and invertase may be mixed together to form a master batch … The marzipan may be rolled into sheets approximately three-eighths to one-half inch high, and then …
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