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  • Force Balance Sensor Technology
    The servo force balance accelerometer offers significant performance and accuracy advantages. This fact is evident by their extensive use in applications requiring 0.1% or better overall accuracy. Unlike conventional accelerometers, the servo type contains a freely suspended mass constrained
  • Strain Gage Pressure Transducer
    Pressure transducers use a variety of sensing devices to provide an electrical output proportional to applied pressure. The sensing device employed in the transducer under discussion is bonded, metal foil strain gages. The strain gage, because of its unique set of operational characteristics, has
  • Gaging Transducers Improve Cylinder Head Testing
    installed as a replace-. mize overall length and carefully selected spring forces to en- ment for two dial indicators, the previous method of testing. sure proper balance of mechanical frequency response and tip As a result, set-up time is reduced from two days to two hours,. force. Perhaps the best
  • In-situ balance of an Open Cycle Gas Turbine
    the resultant forces were significant enough to make the vibration levels unacceptable on the generator and exciter bearings. In order to analyse these conditions, temporary velocity transducers were fitted and the signals analysed and recorded using a Protor Mobile vibration monitoring system which
  • Medical Device Link . A Driving Force in Medical Innovation Smaller, lighter, cheaper motors keep pace with industry demand.
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry In making motors for medical devices, striking the proper balance between size, cost, and performance can be brutal. A typical medical application might call for a motor small enough to drive an ultrasound probe inserted down a patient's throat, yet powerful
  • Torque Sensor Application - Prosthetic Limbs
    Sensors and transducers have been very instrumental in the development of prosthetic devices. They allow prosthetic devices to closely mimic human limbs. In the example below, a smart/digital torque transducer in line with a stepper motor is providing torque & position feedback to an electronic
  • Introduction to Load Cells
    . * Weighing Applications. * Pressure, Strain, and Force FAQ. * Download Free Unit Conversion Application. Introduction to Load Cells. What is a Load Cell? A load cell is a transducer which converts force into a measurable electrical output. Although there are many varieties of load cells, strain gage
  • Medical Device Link .
    microstrain. Strain gauge transducers typically employ four strain gauge elements that are electrically connected to form a Wheatstone bridge circuit. The optimal choice for strain measurement, a Wheatstone bridge circuit is a four-leg parallel divided bridge circuit that measures electrical changes

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