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  • Force/torque sensors help industrial robots make the right moves
    results. A robot arm fitted with a force/torque sensor checks actuation forces on an automobile cruise-control switch. Industrial robots perform myriad tasks including electronic and mechanical assembly, product testing, and material handling. On-board force/torque (F/T) sensors help robots verify
  • Studying Muscle Forces in an MRI Environment
    Mag Design & Engineering (MD&E) prototypes devices that researchers use to study human brain function and human bone joints. Their services range from computer hardware configuration and assembly to image processing to statistical analysis. MD&E is using FlexiForce sensors to record muscle activity
  • Sensorless BLDC Control with Back-EMF Filtering Using a Majority Function
    using dsPIC additional functionality and to improve fuel economy. (DSC). The algorithm works utilizing a majority function The continuing reduction in cost of magnets and the for digitally filtering the Back-Electromotive Force electronics required for the control of BLDC motors has (BEMF). Each
  • Reliable Measurement - Piezo Sensors: Perfect Test Results, From The Widest Measuring Range Down To The Smallest Sub-Range
    measuring element of the piezo sensor functions as a mechatronic component: The applied force is converted into an electric output signal by a change in charge resulting from the stress applied to the quartz. Advantages of piezo technology One advantage provided by piezo technology is that the elastic
  • Self-Monitoring Pneumatic Systems
    Built-in flow sensors improve machine efficiency, reduce downtime, and cut costs. New sensors continuously monitor airflow and consumption to help ensure product and process quality and minimize downtime. The SFE1 sensor measures flows from 0.5 to 200 lpm, and the MS6-SFE (below) has a measurement
  • Load Cell Application - Car Door Test
    In this particular application, a car door is being tested. This test can be used to determine whether or not the door could function for a certain time period, or how long it will last before it fails. It works by using the hydraulic / pneumatic actuator to open and close the door within a given
  • Medical Device Link .
    . "Such protein-enhanced plastics might someday be able to act as ultrahygienic surfaces or sensors to detect the presence of various chemicals, " says Garde. These types of materials could have a wide range of applications, including medical use. Proteins require water to function, however. Nonwatery
  • Proportional Valves
    by spring force to position the spool in proportion to the input signal. Positioning accuracy can be improved by removing the centering springs and adding a positioning sensor to the end of the spool. The sensor signal then cancels the solenoid signal when the spool reaches the specified position

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