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3300 Global Industrial Intellidyne Llc Not Provided Intellidyne ® Residential Forced Air Heating System Fuel Economizer Fa 3300

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  • Evaluation of Infra-Red vs. Forced Air Heating (.pdf)
    A three-year study was conducted at a commercial facility with frequent overhead door openings. Participant installed both a forced-air unit heater (FA) and a tube-type infrared heater (IR). Units were operated by a common thermostat, with a manual override switch, to allow for either forced air
  • Introduction to Infrared Heating
    was employee comfort. Under the old forced-air system, complaints were numerous. After installation, morale improved greatly. So the combination of Solaronics and efficient gas not only delivered energy savings but employee comfort as well. And with a payback period of less than 15 months. GM’s
  • Get into the "Zone" for Home Heating
    heaters that are installed in individual rooms. Often the heaters have fans to move heated air through the room. If the wall heater in each room is controlled by a room thermostat (zonal heating), unused rooms can be kept cooler, saving energy. Portable room heaters. These baseboard, fan-forced
  • Understanding Forced Air Cooling in Power Supplies (.pdf)
    Technical Article. Understanding forced air cooling. in power supplies. By Gary Bocock, Technical Director, XP Power. All power supplies generate waste heat which has to be. dissipated. The heating effect becomes greater as more. components are squeezed into smaller spaces. The result
  • Case Study: Processing of Metal Coatings Using Infrared Heating
    this problem does not arise. Another growing use of electric IR is for booster ovens in front of existing convection ovens. For example, on auto body production lines an IR oven at the start of the line rapidly heats the paint and sets the body finish. The car then moves into a forced air convection oven
  • Air Powered Dispensing
    paste there is a minimum cycle time. much force, and the flux is forced out of the paste; a. below which paste separation is greatly accelerated. phenomenon referred to as “separation.”. When cycle time is shorter than the minimum, the. For most applications, a pressure range of 20psi to. process
  • Radiant Floor Warming
    forced air systems. Due to the simplicity of installation and operating costs, a radiant floor warming system is less expensive than a forced air heating system. Other advantages include no routine maintenance, no filters to replace and no ductwork required. Radiant floor warming will work
  • Glass fiberizing process
    Philippe Derain of EFD Induction France gives a brief introduction to one of the. lesser-known uses of induction heating: glass fiberizing. Glass fiberizing process - EFD Induction. About EFD Induction • Sitemap • Print page • Choose language: English French Swedish German Chinese Spanish Italian
  • Heat Transfer Fundamentals & Thermodynamic Properties
    from a. A combination of expanded glass or ceramic. solid (ice) to a liquid (water) to a gas (steam. fi ber fi lled with air is excellent thermal insula-. or vapor). If the change is from a solid to a. tion. Typical conduction heating applications. liquid to a gas, heat energy is added
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) (.pdf)
    and environmental groups. As a result, releases of pollutants caused by corrosion leaks are becoming a high consequence event. The Clean Air Act of 1990 has forced refiners to implement a number of costly measures to reduce their impact on the environment, both with the types of products they produce

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