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  • Language Translation Services-Image
    Language Translation Services - (164 companies) the process of designing a product such as a web site or software to work in multiple languages. Localization involves adapting the product to account for local or national language features. For example, language translation services that work... Learn More
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    Language Translation Software - (23 companies)
    Language translation software is used to translate documents from one human language to another. There are three basic types of products: automatic, on-the-fly, and hybrid. Automatic translation software or global translation software is designed... Learn More
  • Programming Languages-Image
    Programming Languages - (336 companies) and the user interface. C++ adds object oriented programming (OOP) to the C programming language. A programming paradigm, object oriented programming uses objects called data structures to help design software applications. Programming languages... Learn More
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    Cluster Software and Tools - (18 companies)
    Cluster software and tools are used to create, analyze, optimize, expand and manage high performance applications on clusters. Clustering is the joining of multiple hardware systems into a single-system conceptual model. The purpose of using... Learn More
  • Code Analyzer Software and Tools-Image
    Code Analyzer Software and Tools - (32 companies)
    Code analyzer software and tools enable programmers and quality assurance (QA) managers to check source code for compliance with established standards. These products are also useful for improving source code. Code analyzer software and tools enable... Learn More
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    Web Application Software - (395 companies)
    Web application software is used in the design, implementation, optimization and maintenance of web sites and web clients. These tools include web browsers, plug-ins, scripting languages, and other similar applications. Web Application Software... Learn More
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    Scanning Software - (332 companies)
    Product specifications for scanning software include image recognition accuracy, page layout reconstruction accuracy, support for languages, speed, and operating system (OS). Support for searchable outputs and the quality of the user interface... Learn More
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    Authoring and Publishing Software - (54 companies)
    ...language (HTML), portable document format (PDF) and cascading style sheets (CSS) is commonly available. System requirements for authoring and publishing software include available memory and operating system (OS) type. Products are designed to run under... Learn More
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    Accounting Software - (94 companies)
    Accounting Software is software that records and processes accounting transactions. Accounting Software Information. Accounting software is application software that records and processes accounting transactions. Accounting software usually includes... Learn More
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    Security Software - (476 companies)
    Security software programs are used to restrict access to data, files and users on a computer or server. Purpose. Security software is used to restrict access to data, files, and users on a computer or server. Types. Products include: Firewalls... Learn More

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