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  • Medical Device Link . Identifying and Preventing Contamination from Pharmaceutical Packaging
    in serious allergic reactions. This article presents several case studies in which elastomeric components were found to have a negative influence on the performance of pharmaceutical packaging and/or drug formulations. The forensic methods used to identify the root cause of these problems
  • Medical Device Link .
    , Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Other molecular tests are applied in forensic medicine, paternity testing, tissue typing, oncology, and food and beverage testing. The molecular diagnostic market is expected to grow 15�17% annually in the short term. Revenues would reach $1.8
  • Medical Device Link . Packaging Technology for Miniature IVD Instrumentation
    and more-expensive laboratory counterparts. In time, these instruments may replace many other time-consuming and less-sensitive laboratory instruments used to identify chemical compounds, biological species, and pathogens in forensic, environmental, clinical, and industrial samples. By 2000, it is estimated
  • Medical Device Link . Molecular tools for building nucleic acid IVDs
    detection in clinical medicine, genetic screening and diagnosis, dental and veterinary medicine, drug resistance and susceptibility testing, pharmacogenetic analysis, food testing, and forensic analysis. But to successfully apply nucleic acid probes to such diverse fields, the technology must
  • Medical Device Link .
    be sensitive to heat, light or other environmental conditions. In the case of taggant or chemical tracers, the verification process requires specific tools or the costly involvement of forensic laboratories. Beyond this, add-on features applied to medical devices must also go through the medical certification
  • Medical Device Link .
    led to the establishment of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).4. Moreover, IVDs are now used in many other areas, including agricultural, biodefense, drugs of abuse, forensic, food safety, point-of-care, toxicology, and veterinary applications. Many of these new applications occur
  • Inspecting Hard-to-Reach Surfaces (.pdf)
    . Enlarged view of the tip of the 0.9 mm. rotational probe in Figure 3. Light is emitted at 90. degrees to the probe. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun. Fiber-based profilometry is especially suitable for. inspecting long narrow apertures. Inspecting the. inside of a rifled gun barrel (Figure 5) for forensic
  • . A number of spectroscopic techniques make use of UV absorbance and luminescence measurements e.g. to. characterize materials, for use in medical/pharmaceutical applications, for forensic and sensor applications, etc. Remote. detection or monitoring, especially for hazardous environments, benefit
  • Medical Device Link .
    will likely increase as these low-cost alternatives to expensive instrumented methods of testing become more sensitive and more specific. Applications for rapid tests Clinical applications Allergies Cardiac markers Degenerative diseases Drugs of abuse Fertility Forensic Immunotyping
  • The Profitable and Safe Supply Chain - Part 2 (.pdf)
    occurred, the. labor-intensive task now also becomes a “forensic” task – as a. data to other systems that consume it, and the roles with priv-. deeper look at source data must be taken before release, rework. ileges to edit master data and the integration paths it follows. or destruction decisions