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  • Introduction to Load Cells
    be centered, no. load movement permitted. Other Load Cells. Helical. 0-40k lbs. 0.2%. Platform, forklift, wheel load,. automotive seat weight. Handles off-axis loads,. overloads, shocks. Fiber optic. 0.1%. Electrical transmission. cables, stud or bolt mounts. Immune to RFI/EMI and. high temps
  • Case History: New Plant Incorporates Tried-and-True Feeders
    . The individual and preblended ingredients are then put into separate portable drop-. bottom bins and raised by forklift to a second-level mezzanine. Each portable bin’s bottom opens and the ingredients. gravity-discharge to a feeder’s hopper on the first-level mezzanine. Each extrusion line has three
  • Automobile Parts Distribution, RiveTier, Mezzanine
    in the elevation of the warehouse flooring. Solution: A two-level catwalk system was installed, including three separate Industrial Structures mezzanines. Gates were installed into the handrail system to allow for forklift accessibility to the upper level. Working with Casco, Western Pacific
  • Rotary Batch Blenders Help DIP Get Pre-Mixes to Market Fast
    the hopper, machine revolves 180 to initiate material transfer. Operator removes hopper from inverter with a forklift and hoists it atop a holding tank installed next to the batch blender. Material runs from the hopper through a screening system and into the holding tank, where additives and lubricants
  • Rapid, Gentle Blending Maximizes Strength of Powder Metal Parts
    lubricants. The iron powder is gravity-fed one box-load at a time from the steel hopper into the blender. Before the last 2.5 ton load is added, the hopper containing the additives is raised into position by a forklift for gravity discharging into the blender. Rapid, gentle blending preserves green strength
  • Automotive Solutions
    for forklift accessibility to the upper level. Working with Casco, Western Pacific designed and manufactured special decking supports to counteract the uneven flooring and support a continuous flat level mezzanine and catwalk. Benefits: Despite the scale of this project, within 2 months the project
  • Optimizing Airborne Platforms to Support Wireless-in-the-sky Applications.
    ) scalability and 6) SWaP (Size, Weight and Power). Airlines cannot afford to be faced with conducting forklift change-out of platforms and/or sub-standard performance levels if passenger usage patterns and bandwidth demands exceed expectations.  Having to replace inadequate systems would unnecessarily
  • Mixing and Bagging Homogeneous Results
    , the operator placed an. In the past, an operator used a forklift. empty bag on a scale and manually. to move the pallets to a staging area. filled it with material scooped from. near a 50-cubic-foot-capacity batch. the blender. “If the operator put too. ribbon blender with a 25-horsepower. much material