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  • RF/MW Down Converter Development in a PXI Form Factor (.pdf)
    This paper is in support of a recent. Phase Matrix, Inc. (PMI) Phase I Small Business. Innovative Research (SBIR) investigative. study. The objective of this SBIR initiative was. to assess the feasibility of developing a Radio. Frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Down Converter. in a Small Form Factor
  • A Small Form Factor 3-9 GHz Synthesizer Module for Use in SI Applications (.pdf)
    . The developed module employs a "brick" form factor and can be used in a variety of synthetic instrumentation applications and platforms. The module's construction and measurement results are presented.
  • Surface Measurement Learns Tolerance
    As tolerances get tighter, new trends are emerging in form and surface measurement.
  • UV and Ozone Measurements provide Meteorological Data
    energy in the biosphere. The photon energy at the shortest end of the UV has enough energy to damage and even break DNA, the repository of all the genetic information for each life form. In addition UV damages cell membranes. Both the grave consequences of ultraviolet radiation and the life-sparing
  • Emulsion-Breaking Techniques for Accurate Oil in Water Measurements (.pdf)
    Certain water samples, such as those containing detergent, may form an emulsion when oil in water extraction into a solvent is done. In order to ensure an accurate measurement, the emulsion must be broken. Six methods for breaking emulsions are discussed.
  • On-line TOC Measurement Triggers An Alarm -
    In December 2009, the US FDA conducted a 12-. day inspection of a US pharmaceutical company. Subsequently, the FDA issued a Form 483 and listed their observations made during the facility inspection In "OBSERVATION 3" of the FDA Form 483 the FDA pointed out a problem with a TOC measurement used
  • High Precision Thin Metal Film Measurement by Optical Transmission
    Recent development of new products has given rise to stringent requirements for precision deposition control of thin metal films. Enhancement mode (E-mode) pHEMT devices. require a very thin layer of platinum (Pt) in the range of 25 to 200Å to form the base of the gate contact. Furthermore
  • White Paper- Calibrating Weighing Instruments - Part 2 (.pdf)
    Weighing is a common form of measurement in commerce, industries and households. Weighing instruments are often highly accurate, but users, i.e. their customers and/or regulatory bodies, often need to know just how inaccurate a particular scale may be. Originally, this information was obtained

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