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  • Spring Washers-Image
    Spring Washers - (157 companies)
    Not until the 1930s did the disc spring become prominent, when formulas to calculate disc springs were developed pre-World War II in the United States. As such, the spring washer was used in anti-tank mines and artillery guns. Piezoelectric pump; M4...
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  • Wave Washers-Image
    Wave Washers - (67 companies)
    Wave washers or wave springs are wavy metal washers designed to provide a compensating spring force and sustain a load or absorb shock. Wave washers, also referred to as wave springs, are wavy metal washers designed to provide a compensating spring...
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  • Extension Springs-Image
    Extension Springs - (290 companies)
    Helically wound to oppose resistant forces, extension springs have consistent mechanical energy to return to its no-load, compressed position. The ends of the spring are attached to components intended to move apart, with the extension spring...
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  • Compression Springs-Image
    Compression Springs - (390 companies)
    Helical Compression Springs. Straight compression springs have the same inner and outer diameter throughout the length of the spring. These are the most common style of compression spring. Mini compression springs are a type of straight compression...
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  • Helical Gears-Image
    Helical Gears - (191 companies)
    Helical gears are cylindrilical gears whose teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation. The teeth are angled and appear as a segment of a helix. Helical gears can transmit power between parallel or right angle axes. Helical gears are cylindrical...
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    Die Springs - (55 companies)
    Die springs are a robust type of helical compression springs consisting of rectangular wire. For the same value deflection, die springs carry 30% more load. These springs are designed to carry very high compression loads in hostile environments...
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    Torsion Springs - (256 companies)
    Helically wound springs that deflect torque rotationally, torsion springs express mechanical energy through the property of elasticity: the spring action happens when it is twisted rather than compressed or pulled. Despite the name, torsion springs...
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    Spring Winding Services - (279 companies)
    ...springs are closed coil helical springs that offer resistance to a pulling force or provide a restoring force to elements that separate during operation. Flat springs are made from flat metal strips that store and release energy. Uses include connectors...
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    Power Springs and Spring Motors - (25 companies)
    Power springs and spring motors are rotational-drive springs that are wound tightly and mounted on an arbor. They are used in applications such as retractable reels, tape measures, and retracting seat belts. Peer into any wind-up toy you had...
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    Gear Manufacturing Services - (398 companies)
    ...include. Anti-backlash gears are designed to take up or eliminate backlash between gears, typically with a spring or other mechanical assist. Backlash is defined as clearance between mating components. Generally backlash should be zero but in certain...
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