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  • Recent Advances in Mechatronics
    For instance, phase shift measurement for single test frequency of 40 kHz and distance between transducer and receiver about 0.1 meter required a FPGA - based digital phase detector [2].
  • 2007 Index IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement Vol. 56
    … Liguori, C., see Capriglione, D., TIM June 2007 824-830 Liguori, C., Paciello, V., Paolillo, A., and Pietrosanto, A., Improving and Qual- ifying Spectrum Analysis Made by Digital Scopes; TIM Dec. 2007 … … Display Panel (PDP) Using Fre- quency Domain Analysis; TIM Feb … Young, C.-P., and Su, A. W. Y., Versatile PC/ FPGA - Based Verifica- tion/Fast Prototyping Platform With MulT-IMedia Applications; TIM Dec. 2007 2425-2434 Lin, Y., and Hans, V., Self-Monitoring Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Based on Vortex and Correlation Method …
  • A cost-effective A-D converting technique on NRD guide pulse radar system at 60 GHz
    … good performance of short range detection with a distance of less than several meters , and recognizing multi … Indeed the NRD guide pulse radar front-end was fabricated for applications to slowly-moving fluid level sensors [4], in which an FPGA - based digital signal processing circuit including the sequential sampling technique [5] and elimination of the multiple reflections was developed … … applications as measuring a distance of less than 1 m accurately, because the frequency band of the …
  • Introducing signal processing through an advanced digital design course
    We describe our experience introducing DSP concepts via an FPGA - based advanced digital design course. … advanced FPGA design methods while progressively constructing a SSB receiver for the 40- meter amateur radio band. The lab exercises introduced modulation, IQ signal representation, sampling, downconversion, frequency synthesis, CIC and FIR filters, and …
  • A FPGA-based frequency measurement system for high-accuracy QCM sensors
    It is an FPGA - based digital counter with a range from 1Hz to 10MHz. THE FREQUENCY METER SYSTEM .
  • Miniaturized FPGA-Based High-Resolution Time-Domain Reflectometer
    Time-domain reflectometry (TDR) is a well-known measurement principle for evaluating frequency -dependent electric and dielectric … … cost-sensitive applications or large-scale field experiments, where a large number of TDR meters is required. The developed sampling circuit is based on a digital delta modulator (DM) and allows for capturing the …
  • Estimation of radio wave frequency shift and phase incursion on the basis of FPGA in the retransmission meter
    “ FPGA - based Digital Difference Meter ,” Proceedings of 8-th IEEE East-West Design and Test Symposium (EWDTS’10), Kharkov- St. … I.I. Vdovychenko, “The evaluation of statistical characteristics of the retransmission meter signal frequency and initial phase …
  • Phase measurement of various commercial heterodyne He–Ne-laser interferometers with stability in the picometer regime
    FPGA - based ADC card by Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH (Model SIS3302 [13]). . and a simultaneous operation of at least four axes allowing measurement speeds up to 10 mm s−1 . … field programmable gate array (FPGA) units is applied to develop an electronic phase meter for a heterodyne … Implementing a digital lock-in algorithm at the FPGA . … signal-to-noise ratio due to a reduced spectral density of the noise in this frequency regime.
  • Real-time signal processor for pulsar studies
    … the pulses coherently over the period and integrates adjacent samples in time and frequency to enhance the … … is designed to handle a wide variety of Pulsar observations with the Giant Metre Wave Radio Telescope … The technol- ogy used includes field-programmable-gate-array( FPGA ) based data/code routing interfaces, PC-AT based control, diagnostics and data acquisition, digital signal processor (DSP) chip based parallel processing nodes and C language based control software and DSP-assembly programs for …
  • Astronomy in India: A Historical Perspective
    … RRl also installed a smaller millimetre wave telescope made using a 1.5 metre diameter dish moulded … Some of the recent projects RRI has been engaged in are as follows: A reconfigurable FPGA - based digital back-end has been built and installed at the ORT. This digitizes the signals from 22 modules of the telescope at the intermediate frequency (IF) stage and …