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  • An Overview of the Properties of Different Piezoceramic Materials
    corresponds to motion in the largest dimension of the ceramic, which in this case is in the radial direction of the ceramic (see Figure 3). Often, several harmonics will also be seen at higher frequencies (see Figure 4). Figure 3: Fundamental Radial Resonance. The fundamental resonance consists
  • Effect of Permittivity and Permeability of a Flexible Magnetic Composite Material on the Performance and Miniaturization Capability of Planar Antennas for RFID and Wearable Wireless Applications
    with. Q. r. =. . (2). BW. pure silicone to a bare 305 mm × 457 mm FR-4 laminate panel. with a cutout in shape of the targeted substrate dimensions. Only limited work has been done to use magnetic materials. Another 36-mm thick Cu foil sheet was then placed on top and. in microstrip antennas to achieve
  • Latest Material and Construction Methods Provide the Highest Quality Rigid-Flex PCB's
    hole reliability issues. Older design methods used materials and constructions containing many layers of "adhesives" within the rigid area constructions. Due to adhesives having a high coefficient of thermal expansion (10 to 20 times that of FR-4), vias are placed under a significant amount
  • DuPont Electrical Electronics Material Selector Guide - DUPONT TRG 1424
    ®. CRASTIN®. CRASTIN®. CRASTIN®. CRASTIN®. CRASTIN®. CRASTIN®. HR5330HF. LW9020. LW9030. LW9030FR. LW9320. LW9330. S600F10. S600F20. S600F40. S620F20. S660FR. SK602. SK603. SK605. SK645 FR. T805. T841FR. T843FR. T845FR. GWFI (°C). 700 (1 mm). 700 (1 mm). 960 (0.75 mm) 700 (1 mm). 700 (1 mm). 700 (1mm
  • BBG Tech Tip #1: Pin Holes, Blow Holes & Baking Boards (.pdf)
    for. consistent hole-wall quality, as well as in control of raw material manufacture and its proper climate. storage, baking is seldom used on standard Fr-4 material. However, not every hole will be plated. perfectly, and not every customer’s stocking shelves are in climate-controlled rooms. A baking
  • Medical Device Link .
    based on complexity scores associated with the amount of knowledge, training, and interpretation required to perform the test. In January 2003, the final rule for 42 CFR Part 493 (68 FR:3640) was published, which consequently revised the prior laboratory requirements issued pursuant to CLIA. (This rule
  • Medical Device Link .
    . By contrast, balloon tubing requires more-stringent production methods. The polymer materials normally used for balloon catheters include nylon, Pebax, polyethylene terephthalate, and polyurethane. How Tubing Is Extruded. Figure 4. (click to enlarge) Typical extrusion process. Extrusion has been well
  • Low-Melting Metallic Sputtering Targets Bonded At Room Temperature (Ambient)
    . for the PV cells. One particular ma-. reaction can reach temperatures of. terial subset that is garnering much. 1500ºC. With low-melting alloys de-. Fr. Fr om. om oone. ne e engineer. ngineer To To Ano. Another® Ther®. 1. Indium Corporation Tech Paper. fined as materials used for sputter

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