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  • Custom Rubber Seals for Water Filtration Systems
    Water filtration systems remove impurities from water through physical barriers, chlorine disinfection, or ultraviolet (UV) light. In wastewater treatment plants, metal gates are bolted to concrete frames to control liquid flow and channel the effluent for disinfection. To prevent leakage, a rubber
  • Fast Windowing
    this approach applicable to a broad range of highly demanding image processing tasks. In quality control applications it is often necessary to grab different windows - containing the object(s) to analyze - within the frame at high speed. To make this task even more difficult, usually these regions
  • 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty
    a hydroformed front-end cage that attaches to a rear C-channel frame. Rear leaf springs are 8-in longer than previous models for more torsional stiffness. We put our tester through its paces by loading an old 3,400-lb Honda onto a trailer and towing it 50 miles to a repair garage. What wowed us most
  • Motion Control - In line with real-time control
    complements the FMMU technology. An internal prioritization system and buffer located at the buffer end secures a free transmission channel for Ethernet frames from the queuing real-time system. Other compatible protocols can operate in parallel on the same physical network. This not only includes
  • 2004 Hummer H2
    , fully welded ladder-type frame incorporates hydroformed components that give the vehicle its strength, stiffness, and dimensional accuracy. The H2's independent front torsion bar and five-link coil-spring rear suspension ensure ride comfort and control, and its solid rear axle provides sure-footedness
  • Harley parts go RP
    in a Discovery Channel biker build-off. "We already had the frame, wheels, tires, and gas tank, but we 3D-printed the other parts, " says Klock. The Prodigy let us easily and quickly fabricate new designs to get the motorcycle from a pile of pieces to a painted vehicle going down the road and looking good, all
  • Computer Power User Article - Do-It-Yourself Quad SLI
    The main ingredients in a DIY Quad SLI system are the video cards. A pair of GeForce 7950 GX2 cards linked together via an SLI connector results in four GeForce 7-series GPUs and 2GB of frame buffer memory, all working together to increase 3D rendering performance. It has been almost a year since