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  • PAT Advances Freeze Dryer Control
    well suited to freeze dryers with automated loading or unloading features. PAT Advances Freeze Dryer Control. Digital Magazine: Subscribe. RSS. Contact Us. Advertise. All. Articles. White Papers. Products. News. Member Login. Become a Member. Home. Topics. Aseptic Processing. Automation & Control
  • PAT Advances Freeze Dryer Control
    it into its LyoStar II research-scale freeze dryer, Brendle says. "We're looking to do beta site tests over the summer and fall," he says. The company plans to install the technology on its production freeze dryers in the future. Page 1 of 2 << Prev 1 | 2 Next >> View on one page To cast your vote
  • PAT Advances Freeze Dryer Control
    loss during the process. Mechanical Optimization Centers on Auto-Loading Since the 1980s, a major trend in lyophilizer design has been the automated loading and unloading of freeze dryers, limiting operator exposure. All lyophilization vendors offer automated systems, and anticipate demand
  • The Future of Freeze Drying (.pdf)
    technology was the surplus of coffee in countries like Brazil in the late 30’s. of the previous century. Also here the tray-type freeze dryer was used for the. sublimation of the water from the frozen coffee granules. Brand names like Nescafe. were founded at that time. Instant coffee is now
  • Assure Batch Uniformity for Freeze-Dried Products
    . Kobayashi, M., Harashima, K., Sunama, R., and Yao, A., Inter-vial Variance of the Sublimation Rate in Shelf Freeze-Dryer. Proceeding of the 18th International Congress of Refrigeration. 1991, Montreal, Canada, International Institute of Refrigeration, p. 1711. 6. Placek, J., Kamei, D., Lee, G., et al
  • Assure Batch Uniformity for Freeze-Dried Products
    even a vial s position on the freeze dryer tray can have a major impact on product quality and batch uniformity. Controlling critical processing parameters is imperative to ensuring that batches are uniform and the process reproducible from batch to batch. Completing a comprehensive Installation
  • Assure Batch Uniformity for Freeze-Dried Products
    critical parameters, and, where possible, monitor product temperature. The performance capabilities of each individual freeze dryer will influence process reproducibility, batch uniformity, and consistency of the finished product. Qualifying equipment performance is, thus, an integral part of assuring
  • Effect of Concentration, Vial Size and Fill Depth on Product Resistance of Sucrose Solutions During Freeze Drying
    formulations and process conditions used. The objective of this study was to characterize product resistance as a function of dry layer thickness for various sucrose solutions using the SMART TM Freeze Dryer technology. SMART TM is a new PAT concept that employs Manometric Temperature Measurement