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Two low-cost integrated circuits can be combined to create a simple digital frequency meter. The combination of a frequency-to-voltage converter (FVC) and a dual-slope, analog-to-digital display converter (ADC) makes a small 2-chip frequency meter that can be run from one 9-volt battery...

...lines, AM or FM. transmitters). Typically, only two frequencies are transmitted. One corresponds to a logical "0, " the other to a logical "1. " A TC9400 V/F converter will. generate these two frequencies when connected as shown below. The potentiometer sets the V/F converter to the lower frequency...

...are electricity, water and gas. Water and Gas are measured with very similar systems while electric meters are very unique. Electric meters measure the power consumbed at a customers site. This type of meter is very easy to convert into an electronic version using an MCP3905 single-phase power...

...expires can be enabled by means of a function-register configuration bit. Multiclock Start-Up and Operation. It is also possible to switch to an internal oscillator frequency during start-up for a faster transition where necessary. PIC MCUs from Microchip Technology Inc. (Chandler, AZ) furnish... a suitable microcontroller for. 1 mVPP, which allows a bidirectional communication. bidirectional communications, remote passive keyless. distance of up to a few meters. See Table 1 for more. entry and low-frequency sensing applications. The. feature details. device includes a PIC16F636 microcontroller...

...receptacle. FIGURE 3: rfRXD0420 TOP COPPER. A simple small diameter wire (AWG 24) antenna can be. constructed and inserted into the receptacle. The. length of the wire depends on the frequency. λ (meters) = c / f (Hertz). where. c = 3x108 = speed of light (meters per second). f = receive frequency...

) at the low frequency as compared. wooden test bench, inside a screen room, 0.8 meters. to the higher frequencies. The difference between the. above the earth ground plane (Figure 1). The EUT was. 4 MHz operation and the 20 MHz operation was mar-. powered through the Line Impedance Stabilization Net-. ginal...

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Frequency Meter / Frequency Counter 10Hz-60MHz
Accurate LC Meter 60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter PIC Volt Ampere Meter 1Hz - 2MHz Function Generator Accurate 0-500MHz RF Power Meter PIC Dual

Very Accurate LC Meter based on PIC16F628A
LM311 will generate a frequency that we can measure with a frequency meter.

3-digit frequency meter
3-digit frequency meter June 19, 2008 By Juan Aguilar 5 Comments

Almost All Digital Electronics
L/C Meter IIB Inductance/Capacitance Meter.

PIC Frequency Meter | ???? ??????? ??????????????
Posts Tagged ?PIC Frequency Meter? PIC Frequency Meter and Volt meter by PIC16F876

frequency meter
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Make a high-accuracy frequency meter?
I was thinking of using a PIC 16F or 18F and making a high-accuracy frequency meter.

Surface-mount technology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
fewer unwanted RF signal effects and better and more predictable high-frequency performance.

Subwoofer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The typical frequency range for a subwoofer is about 20?200 Hz for consumer products,[1 below 100 Hz for professional live sound,[2 and below 80 Hz

Cortex-M3 Processor - ARM
Smart Meter Mobile Computing Smartphones
See ARM Inc. Information

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