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  • Signal Integrity- Frequency Range Matters! White Paper
    Higher data rates introduce new challenges for test solutions. This white paper discusses the importance of both high and low frequency test limits and also their impact on your time domain results. Signal Integrity- Frequency Range Matters! White Paper - Anritsu America. Login United States
  • A Simple Frequency Response Function
    from Figure 5, it simply shows the Frequency Response Function for this particular test. Reply. 1151 days ago kiran. how can v obtain auto spectral density of velocity from auto spectral density of the displacement. Reply. 1146 days ago James Wren. Hi Kiran,. Thanks for asking a question on our
  • GPS Time & Frequency Systems
    , with output references tailored to a customer's. specific requirements. The double oven crystal oscillator provides a holdover in the order of ±. 7 microseconds in a 24-hour period and a frequency stability of± 3 X 10-10 over a. temperature range of —20o C to +70o C. For test data and further information
  • Frequency and Resolution Options for PWM Outputs
    The PIC17C42 is equipped with two high frequency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs. In a pulse width modulated signal the period of the signal is (usually) kept fixed, while the duty cycle is varied. In this application note, we will discuss options in selecting PWM frequency and resolution
  • Generating Frequency Chirp Signals to Test Radar Systems (.pdf)
    systems. Generating frequency chirp signals to test radar systems Application. Note. Generating frequency chirp signals to. test radar systems. Radar chirp signals can be simulated by the 3410 series. signal generator using the internal arbitrary waveform gener-. ators, external IQ inputs
  • TC7136/TC9400 Digital Readout Frequency Meter
    . TC9400 FREQUENCY-TO-VOLTAGE. LCD display so no digital conversion is required. CONVERTER. The test voltage is used as the reference supply for the TC9400 and. The "non-standard " voltages or the TC9400 require some creativity. ANALOG COMMON serves as the "ground " for the comparator. be used
  • Cable Solutions for Servo and Variable Frequency Drives
    Learn about frequency converter technology, common negative effects, and how cable design and materials provide reliable solutions. Electric drive systems have many benefits, including continuous torque and speed control. However, frequency converters also come with negative side-effects
  • Medical Device Link . Benchtop EMC Testing Techniques for Medical Equipment Using loop probes to help test devices for electromagnetic compatibility saves costly redesign and complements open area and chamber tests.
    and characterize radiated emissions sources by examining magnetic fields produced close to their origin than it is by studying electric fields. MAGNETIC FIELD LOOP PROBES Any electrical circuit can produce magnetic fields and radiate radio-frequency (RF) energy. In digital circuits, RF currents usually
  • Radio Frequency Emissions Effect on Sensors (.pdf)
    White noise on the plant floor can cause electrical interference that often affects the function of proximity sensors. This radio frequency (RF) "noise" is caused by the use of variable frequency drives, stepper motors and high powered communication devices, such as AM/FM radios, two-way radios
  • Improving Measurement Accuracy for High Frequency RF Connectors
    Improving the accuracy of your microwave test and measurement equipment becomes increasingly important when high frequency devices are used in the transmission paths of radio, cellular, satellite and digital communications. This discussion helps to solve problems with measurement errors during