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  • End Market Report: Energy Industry Application Review - Optical Molds Give ABCO Big Advantage in Solar Lenses - 06/09
    and military eye protection, military visors that display data, and security camera lenses. The company's latest market is solar panel lenses, primarily Fresnel lenses. These use ridges to focus sunlight on a
  • Application of X-ray Mask Fabrication Technologies to High Resolution, Large Diameter Ta Fresnel Zone Plates
    The resolution of Fresnel zone plate (FZP) as X-ray lens is determined by the width of outer-most zone, and the diameter of condenser lens is desirable to be large so that bright x-ray beam is available in x-ray optical systems. As the diameter of FZPs with nm resolution reported so far is small
  • Cut the Lights
    John Null, is in microcomputer programming and in the Fresnel lens beaming room light to the infrared sensor. The Fresnel lens is a special design that has both vertical and horizontal elements. Room light passes through it onto a two-element IR detector. "We've refined the detection technique
  • Sensor Sense: Passive Infrared-Motion Sensors
    sensitivity to the infrared energy given off by people. Second, a Fresnel lens positioned in front of
  • Full-Scale High-Speed Schlieren Imaging Of Explosions And Gunshots (.pdf)
    where only a single. illuminating flash is desired, the second and third flashes of the Viewstar light source are disabled and the color filter. pack is removed. Triggering is by light or electrical pickups, or by a microphone placed in the test section. A Fresnel. relay lens of 24 cm focal length
  • Medical Device Link .
    be caused in a conventional injection moulding process. This type of process can improve definition in microfluidics and diffractive optics. Figure 4: Micromoulded fresnel lens with submicron surface structure. Atomic force microscopy image of a mould insert section; lenses pictured next to a mm scale
  • Infrared Technology
    systems, which is used in ST68x serie products. Plastic Fresnel Lenses—ST65x Series Most of infrared thermometers are simply to detect the target temperatures without higher optical performance, like long distance detection. We have design the Fresnel Plastic Lenses and get the better cost for users
  • Medical Device Link .
    by the reflector; additional Fresnel lenses are not required. The lower-weight plastic allows the use of larger reflectors and lighter-weight support construction. The plastic substrate enables a level of geometric precision that is not achievable with glass, adds the firm. Moreover, it optimizes