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Parts by Number for Fresnel Prism Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PFA12133   Knight Optical Ltd. Optical Prisms Fresnel prism.12deg deviation.165x165mm aperture. Fresnel prisms are simple prisms but manufactured using the stepped surface approach of a Fresnel lens. Fresnel prisms must not be confused with Fresnel Rhombs or Biprisms.We can offer two types of Fresnel prisms. The simple ones have saw tooth like...
NT43-021   Edmund Optics Inc. Fresnel Lenses A Fresnel lens replaces the curved surface of a conventional lens with a series of concentric grooves, molded into the surface of a thin, lightweight plastic sheet. The grooves act as individual refracting surfaces, like tiny prisms when viewed in cross section, bending parallel rays in a very...